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By Richard D. Jones
In this commentary we have talked about a lot of challenges facing commercial real estate finance and other capital market activities over the years.
By Richard D. Jones
Our view from the trenches is that after the Trump election and excitement over the Trump bump, the capital markets went on a sustained pause.
By Richard D. Jones
Here's a headline for you: We don't know if a conventional CMBS securitization where risk retention bonds are retained by a B-buyer under an industry standard third party purchaser agreement...
By Richard D. Jones
Last week, an article written by Mr. Frank Partnoy, professor of law at the University of San Diego, appeared in the Financial Times and was subsequently picked up by The Wall Street Journal.
By Richard D. Jones
A standalone securitization of a portfolio of properties closed in June. To our knowledge, this was the first transaction in recent memory done in a direct issuance format.
By Richard D. Jones
What in the world have we done to ourselves? Our CRE Securitization business, or at least the conduit part of our business, continues to shrink: $800 billion in outstanding principal balance...
By Richard D. Jones
You know, sometimes life's problems smack you against the side of the head like a 2×4, and sometimes it's just a multiplicity of middling offenses that become so annoying that you might just want to roll over and die.
By Krystyna M. Blakeslee
The Trump administration and Congress have lots on the agenda: tax reform, financial regulation reform, job creation (think infrastructure spending, maybe?) and more.
By Kenneth D. Hackman
The Source restaurant for 250 friends and colleagues, where the excellent food and free flowing drinks lasted well beyond the official closing time.
By Richard D. Jones
Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night again, another reason not to deploy capital is slouching into Bethlehem.
By Richard D. Jones
I have begun to wonder whether the risk retention TPP agreement is already near its death bed just some brief months following its birth.
By Richard D. Jones, Jonathan D. Gaynor
Well, we've had the big reveal and the administration's new tax plan is out. This plan, announced with a great deal of fanfare, feels more like a campaign promise than an actual executable plan.
By Richard D. Jones, Devin M. Swaney, Jonathan D. Gaynor, Gina Leahey
The ASB of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants recently released new standards as part of the "Attestation Clarity Project" with the goal of redrafting all its standards "in clarity format" ...
By Richard D. Jones, Mia Rosati
Since my earliest days in the CRE capital markets biz, there has always been a drumbeat of grumbling from the borrower community about the annoying complexity, expense and delay of having one's loan serviced...
By Richard D. Jones
Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night again, another reason not to deploy capital is slouching into Bethlehem.