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By Theodore Griswold
Yesterday, while many were sipping their Sunday coffee, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that the Department of the Army will not approve an easement...
By Sandra L Shippey
The Hualapai (wal-lah-pie) Tribe is a federally-recognized Indian tribe that lives on a reservation overlooking the western rim of the Grand Canyon.
By Theodore Griswold
As we are preparing to review a new set of Procopio Native American Internship applications for the summer of 2017, we thought that it would be a good time to review and applaud the accomplishments of our past interns.
By Theodore Griswold, Gabriela Rios
In California, rooftop solar has largely been a success under the Million Solar Roofs Initiative (SB 1, 2006).
By Annie Macaleer
Employers are encouraged to periodically check the Office of Enforcement's website for updates regarding these materials.
By Kele Bigknife, Theodore Griswold
The Promise Zone Initiative was launched under the Obama administration in January 2014 to designate and aid a number of high-poverty urban, rural, and tribal communities to create jobs...
By Jordan Turner, Theodore Griswold
If you thought Tribal lands were insulated from the extreme partisanship that permeates our political landscape, think again.
By Heather Torres, Theodore Griswold
On July 12, 2016, New Mexico Federal Judge Bruce D. Black granted another partial win to Urban Outfitters in the infamous, Navajo Nation v. Urban Outfitters.
By Kele Bigknife, Theodore Griswold
In the agreements, Tribes must explain their traditional connections to a particular park or monument, and show that such connections predate the park's establishment.
By Kele Bigknife, Theodore Griswold
Without the Tribe's permission, AB and R.A. Jeffreys used the Tribe's logo mark and slogan mark in promotional material advertising Budweiser and Bud-Light alcohol products at multiple convenience stores near the Lumbee reservation.
By Annie Macaleer
On June 28, 2016, we alerted employers about the San Diego Earned Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Ordinance, cautioning employers that the "original" Ordinance had an uncertain effective date...
By Heather Torres
Over the past weekend, many celebrated the 240th birthday of the United States with fireworks, food, and flying the nation's flag. Red, white, and blue stars and stripes found on everything from cupcakes to clothing.
By Aaron Sokoloff
Venture debt can be a powerful resource for early stage companies, allowing them to access significant capital without the dilution of ownership that comes with equity financings.
By Annie Macaleer
On June 7, 2016, San Diego voters approved Proposition I, Ordinance Number O-20390, also known as the City of San Diego Earned Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Ordinance.
By Kele Bigknife, Theodore Griswold
If you have ever ventured onto the gaming floor of one of the many Indian casinos in California, you have likely been puzzled by the diceless craps tables, or the roulette games conspicuously missing the iconic ball-bearing wheel.