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By Daniel Healy
Cyber risks should have directors and officers thinking beyond specialty cyber coverage that covers their companies' first-party losses and third-party liabilities.
By Robert Horkovich, Edward Stein
New York's highest court recently rewarded policyholders' persistent pressure for coverage of "all sums" that their liability insurance companies promised to pay for long-tail environmental and asbestos claims.
By Peter Halprin
The availability of extracontractual remedies for policyholders denied full and prompt payment of their claims is a crucial means of leveling the playing field between policyholders and the insurance industry.
By John M. O'Connor, Carrie Maylor DiCanio
Business litigation these days frequently involves the production of voluminous documents in discovery. At the same time, clients may want their documents to be held confidential and to limit the persons who can examine them.
By Joshua Gold, Daniel Healy
By now, most directors and officers are acutely aware of the exponential growth of cyberrisks. They may be less aware that the very ubiquity and familiarity of cyberattacks has exposed them to greater personal risk than they faced when such attacks were more of a novelty. Insurance coverage for such known threats, and the scrutiny of directors.
By David Graff, Alexander Litt
A temporary restraining order, or TRO, is a powerful remedy in litigation that can be utilized both as a weapon and a shield.
By Inez M. Markovich, Arthur R. Armstrong
As the oil and gas industry continues to struggle in the face of the ongoing decline of commodity prices, a recent decision of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York may have offered a glimmer of hope to upstream producers, while creating more uncertainty for midstream gatherers and processors and their lenders and investors.
By Joshua Gold
With weather patterns and storm severity growing less predictable, regions of the country that were traditionally thought to be immune from the most severe weather have learned they are not.
By Mark Garbowski, Jorge Aviles
The prevalence of drones continues to increase exponentially as all classes of users — private hobbyists, wedding photographers, real estate agents, corporate giants — assemble flotillas to entertain, market, and provide new and enticing business offerings.
By Joshua Gold, Peter Halprin
Commercial insurance companies are marketing cyber risk policies with messages such as, "Just about any organization that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk." that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk."
By Robert Horkovich
When faced with new envi­ronmental liabilities, com­panies often overlook the existing coverage that insurance poli­cies purchased long ago may provide.
By Robert Chesler, Janine M. Stanisz
Outbreaks of food contamination, most recently Chipotle's E. coli outbreak, garner not only media attention but also a flood of class actions, shareholder derivative suits and criminal investigations.
By Finley T. Harckham, Marshall Gilinsky, Peter Halprin
This month, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists began reporting on their review of over 11.5 million documents, the private client files of a Panamanian law firm that specialized in trust services, covering a 40-year span.
By Joshua Gold
From thefts of cargo to stolen wire transfers, crime losses abound for policyholders in every industry.
By David Graff
When a foreign company incorporates in the U.S. and then "goes dark," investors are often left with no place to turn. Enter Anderson Kill PC's David Graff.
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