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By Bruce Cholst
Licensing agreements arm boards with the ability to cushion themselves against disaster arising from construction next door.
By Bruce Cholst
Demand for large sized apartments has exploded over the past decade, fueled both by a migration of suburban famiČlies to the city and by yet another baby boom.
By Deborah Koplovitz
Just as the parts in cars tend to wear out afČter 60,000 miles, so too, in buildings in New York City, do systems such as elevators wear out after a number of years in service.
By Jerry Goldman, Ethan Middlebrooks
Rule 45 subpoenas also have advantages and disadvantages.
By Daniel Healy
Cyber risks should have directors and officers thinking beyond cyber-specific policies that cover their companies.
By Alan Goldberg, Bruce Cholst
When a condo or co-op resident openly defies board policy, the board is faced with a predicament: Does it stand down to avoid controversy? Or litigate to preserve the integrity of its regulations?
By David Graff, Christopher Paolino
When asserted in federal court, the right to a jury trial is governed by federal law. Since the right to a jury trial is fundamental and highly favored, an express contractual waiver of a jury trial...
By Daniel Healy
Imagine you are in-house counsel at a company that is about to sign one of the largest transactions of the year, or maybe even of the past few years.
By Bruce Cholst
Prohibition of smoking within apartments has become a burning issue for co-op and condo boards throughout the greater New York area. Must a board impose such a ban on residents' conduct...
By Jeffrey Glen, Robert Horkovich, Peter Halprin
In last month's Fine Print column, "Navigating Workers Compensation Insurance Program Disputes," we discussed the disturbing trend of insurance companies seeking to recover retrospective premiums under old workers compensation programs.
By Robert Chesler, Bruce Strong
The New Jersey Supreme Court has affirmed the Appellate Division's pro-policyholder decision in Cypress Point, confirming broad coverage for construction defects.
By Bennett Pine
On November 16, 2016, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law designed to provide better protection for non-employee, freelance workers.
By Finley T. Harckham, Marshall Gilinsky
While the Southeast United States escaped the worst of feared damage from Hurricane Matthew, the storm did take more than 40 lives in the U.S. and cause extensive power outages, flooded roads and dams, and damage to buildings from Florida to Virginia.
By William G. Passannante
We buy liability insurance policies to protect against claims, and the averČage policyholder expects that their insurance company and the defense counsel they pay for are united in interest to protect the policyholder from loss.
By Joshua Gold
It is axiomatic that good communication is a requirement for just about any successful business. Communication with customers, clients, investors and other stakeholders is typically of vital importance.
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