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By Stringer LLP
The Ontario Superior Court recently awarded four months of pay in lieu of reasonable notice to an employee with less than a year of tenure.
By Landon Young, Frank Portman
Recent decisions from the Ontario courts have not been kind to employers seeking to limit employees'' termination entitlements through written agreements.
By Jeremy Schwartz, Frank Portman
Recent Ontario court decisions have not been kind to employers seeking to limit employees' termination entitlements through use of contractual language.
By Stringer LLP
As offences under the Occupational Health and Safety Act garner an increasing amount of public attention, the penalties to which employers, supervisors and other workplace parties have been subject are also on the upswing.
By Stringer LLP
In Rainy River (Town) v Olsen, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a lower court's ruling that a citizen's harassing behaviour toward members of city council did not fall within the ambit of the Occupational...
By Stringer LLP
It is common practice for employers to offer departing employees, who are being terminated without cause, a separation package in exchange for a signed release from liability.
By Stringer LLP
The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has heard many cases brought by injured workers against the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board ("WSIB").
By Stringer LLP
One of the most interesting questions that arose after the Bill C-45 amendments to the Criminal Code, is whether a defendant could face criminal charges after pleading guilty or being convicted of charges under provincial OH&S legislation.
By Stringer LLP
B.C. Premier John Horgan announced earlier this month that the province will reinstate its Human Rights Commission.
By Stringer LLP
Ontario's Divisional Court recently confirmed that employers have a right to ask employees to undergo an Independent Medical Examination ("IME") in certain circumstances...
By Allison L. Taylor
The decision of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in Sean Carter v. Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario (2011) shows the importance of medical notes in human rights cases...
By Stringer LLP
Employers are often faced with the galling choice between asserting just cause for termination, and paying potentially large sums of money to departing employees who have been caught lying...
By Stringer LLP
The Ontario Superior Court recently recognized a new tort that would allow employees to sue their employers for harassment in civil court.
By Stringer LLP
When must a dismissed employee accept an offer of alternate employment with their employer?
By Stringer LLP
It may seem fairly obvious when a worker breaks her leg "in the course of employment". However, injuries and illnesses related to bullying and harassment have drawn significant attention in recent years...