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By Ryan Conlin, Naseem P. Malik, Frank Portman
The legalization of marijuana for recreational use will have a profound impact on workplaces across the country. This Webinar examines the legal challenges that Canadian organizations will face in responding to this new reality.
By Stringer LLP
What options are available to an employer who, after signing a mutual release releasing an employee from liability, finds out that the employee embezzled a large amount of money?
By Stringer LLP
The Court of Appeal recently confirmed that an employer defamed an ex-employee when the employer filed a false report with an industry regulator.
By Landon Young, Amanda D. Boyce
Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018, received Royal Assent on November 21, 2018. This means Bill 47 is now law, and will amend the Employment Standards Act, 2000 and the Labour Relations Act.
By Ryan Conlin, Jeremy Schwartz, Frank Portman
On October 17, the federal government legalized recreational marijuana use. At the same time, Ontario's provincial government enacted the Cannabis Act and amended related legislation.
By Stringer LLP
The Divisional Court recently upheld a trial decision finding that an employer did not defame a former employee when it gave him a bad reference.
By Stringer LLP
An increasingly common theme in wrongful dismissal actions are employee claims that an employer's allegedly heavy-handed and insensitive management constitutes a constructive dismissal.
By Landon Young, Amanda D. Boyce
Ontario's Conservative government has moved to repeal most of the changes to the province's employment and labour legislation made by the prior government's Bill 148.
By Naseem P. Malik
Marijuana will soon be legal for recreational use nationwide and many employers are scrambling to respond to the challenges this important change will create for their business.
By Stringer LLP
Marijuana will soon be legal for recreational use nationwide and many employers are scrambling to respond to the challenges this important change will have for safety policies and discipline issues.
By Stringer LLP
The Ontario Superior Court recently allowed an employee to proceed with claims against his former employer regarding long-term disability insurance, even though he had signed a release in exchange for a severance package when his employment ended.
By Ryan Conlin, Jeremy Schwartz
An Ontario Court has revolutionized the law with respect to whether an individual can be held personally liable for fines imposed against the corporation for breaches of regulatory legislation.
By Stringer LLP
In Lancia v. Park Dentistry, the Ontario Superior Court confirmed that employers can change the fundamental terms of an employee's employment, without providing consideration...
By Stringer LLP
Suspensions are an important disciplinary measure for employers, often bridging the gap between less significant discipline and termination.
By Stringer LLP
The Ontario Court of Appeal recently overruled a decision regarding a termination clause, finding that the provision clearly and unambiguously ousted the presumption of common law reasonable notice.