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By Richard Meneghello
We've been expecting this since August, when the New York City Council passed a proposal establishing that ride-sharing driver should earn a minimum rate of pay ...
By Todd Logsdon
Recent court opinions illustrate the dangers of failing to take an employee's complaints of harassment by a patient seriously.
By Michael Marra
A busy holiday season or fashion week can garner the hiring of hundreds of temporary workers at even the most exclusive fashion brands.
By David Jones
Over the past two years, numerous programs granting work authorization to foreign nationals have been targeted for rescission, including the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
By Sarah Moore
Transgender workplace rights are a hot topic; while legislative bodies and courts continue to parse through these issues
By Jeffrey Smith
When I speak with employers about the onerous obligations under ERISA and the court decisions that followed, I frequently tell them that the "E" in ERISA stands for "employee," not employer.
By Chelsea Deppert
In the recently issued PLR, an employer sought confirmation from the IRS that its proposed Student Loan Benefit Program did not violate ...
By Richard Meneghello, Katherine Sandberg
While you can debate all you want about whether 1988's Die Hard is a Christmas movie (it is – don't fight us on this point), you can't disagree with the fact ...
By Anet Drapalski, Melissa Shimizu
As free meals have become the norm at technology companies, an unexpected byproduct of such a perk is the decreasing customer base for local restaurants. In an attempt to thwart this trend ...
By Fisher & Philips LLP
It's hard to keep up with the news these days. It sometimes feels like you can't step away from your phone, computer, or TV for more than an hour ...
By Lauren M Sobaski
On Election Day 2018, Missouri voters approved Amendment 2, one of three medical marijuana measures on the state's ballot
By Susan M. Schaecher
E-scooters began appearing in cities about a year ago and now operate in more than 125 U.S. cities. But what if an employee gets injured or injures someone else ...
By Matthew Korn
If you have ever had to defend against a lawsuit under the FLSA, you probably know that attorney's fees awards often far exceed the value of your employee's claims.
By Lariza A. Hebert
When an employee's conduct is not consistent with the company's expectations, leadership should take action to appropriately address the problem behaviors.
By Jeffrey Csercsevits
In our October 3rd entry, we addressed the pending Fair Workweek Ordinance, currently being considered by Philadelphia City Council.
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