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By Adam Bridgers
Much to the dismay of companies, on August 1, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit made it easier for plaintiffs, and their attorneys, to bring class action data breach cases.
By Joshua Nadreau
Massachusetts just joined 21 other states and the District of Columbia by enacting a comprehensive pregnancy workplace law with unanimous support from the legislature, employee advocates...
By John Polson
Employers across the country should collectively cross their fingers and hope that HR 3441, also known as the "Save Local Business Act," becomes law in the near future.
By Mark Ricciardi, Holly Walker
The state legislature recently enacted the Nevada Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act (NPWFA) to expand the scope of protection for employees and applicants.
By Mark Ricciardi, Holly Walker
The Nevada Supreme Court has long recognized the legality of non-compete agreements between employers and employees.
By Mark Ricciardi, Holly Walker
By the turn of the New Year, employers in Nevada will have an obligation to provide workplace protections to domestic violence victims, including time off from work.
By John T. Lai
On Friday, July 21, users of the "married dating" website,, received preliminary approval of an $11.2 million class action settlement.
By Fisher & Philips LLP
A U.S. Department of Labor Request for Information will be published tomorrow morning to seek additional public comment regarding the 2016 compensation revisions in the regulations...
By Samina Weil
In addition to other changes, India introduced maternity benefits for eligible adoptive and commissioning mothers (the biological mother of a child carried by a surrogate).
By David Jones
President Trump has just announced his support for new immigration legislation aimed at curtailing overall immigration into the country.
By Fisher & Philips LLP
The Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has "tentatively" scheduled oral arguments for the week of October 2, 2017 regarding the U.S. Department of Labor's efforts to overturn last November's preliminary injunction...
By Joshua Viau
Due to the increasing number of successful and attempted cyber-attacks and increased government scrutiny surrounding protection of confidential information, companies cannot ignore...
By Scott Schneider
Higher education institutions felt seismic shockwaves yesterday as the New York Times reported that the Trump administration would soon redirect Justice Department resources toward investigating...
By Benjamin M. Ebbink
The battle over organizing workers in the on-demand economy continues to heat up.
By Lariza A. Hebert
Lawyers and medical professionals have noticed a recent uptick in age discrimination claims in the healthcare industry.
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