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By Paul Davies, Rosa Espín
This new water mark makes clear that the EU is seeking to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuel plants with new forms of renewable energy in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
By Paul Davies, R. Andrew Westgate
Climate change has become a key concern for China in recent years, as evidenced by its pledge to reduce carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 60% from 2015 levels by 2030.
By Paul Davies, Michael D. Green
Described by Theresa May as a "critical part" of the plan for post-Brexit Britain, the implementation of this strategy will have important policy ramifications, in particular, for the environment.
By Joel Beauvais, Claudia O'Brien, Bridget Reineking, R. Andrew Westgate
Since assuming office in January, President Donald Trump – with the support of Congress – has stated his intention to roll back "burdensome" U.S. environmental regulations.
By Paul Davies, Samuel Pape
Key changes to the Protective Cost Order regime (PCO) came into force on 28 February 2017, which could directly limit the ability of individuals and organisations to bring environmental-related legal challenges in England and Wales.
By Daniel Smith, Clare Nida, Yasmina Borhani
The UK's growing focus on corporate criminal liability was seen in two recent pieces of news.
By Jonathan Parker, Hanna Roos, Hayley Pizzey, James Fagan
The CAT in the UK heard on 17 January 2017 an application by Flynn Pharma Ltd and Flynn Pharma (Holdings) Ltd to suspend the Competition and Markets Authority's direction to reduce the price of an epilepsy drug.
By Paul Davies, Sophie J. Lamb
These and other opportunities inherent in a robust ESG strategy are generally well-understood by PE firms.
By Daniel Smith
The claim arose from the long-running fallout from the multi-billion dollar dispute between the Al-Gosaibi family, Maan Al Sanea and the Saad Group of companies.
By Cesare Milani
On December 7, 2016, the Italian Constitutional Court rejected on appeal the claim that the new state incentives scheme, which applies retrospectively to the renewable energy sector, was unconstitutional.
By Oliver Browne, Daniel Smith
Everyone else at the Bank was a third party to the lawyer-client relationship, so legal advice privilege could not apply to their communications.
By Paul Davies
The program will be initiated on a voluntary basis at first, and is expected to become mandatory in 2018.
By Michael D. Green, Rosa Espín, Elisabetta Righini, Jörn Kassow, Eun-Kyung Lee, Cesare Milani
On 15 February 2017, the European Commission sent final warnings (a Reasoned Opinion) to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom for failing to comply with the air pollution limits for nitrogen dioxide.
By Stephen Brown
Changes to LLP member taxation and employee incentive schemes could have wide ranging implications for UK employers. Changes to LLP member taxation and employee incentive schemes could have wide ranging implications for UK employers.
By Frank Grell, Frederick Staudacher
We would like to introduce you to a great new feature of the revised German Insolvency Act which makes debt-equity-swaps in Germany (e.g., as part of loan-to-own transactions) a lot more attractive.
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