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Contributor Most Read
Contributor Most Read
By Bronwyn Lincoln, Jaclyn Smith
Why do you need a personal brand and how will it help you grow your business?
By Brent Lillywhite, Samuel Volling
This recent decision has reaffirmed the broad power of Queensland local governments to levy differential general rates.
By Andrew McCormack, Sarah Stroes
Proposed legislation will place duties on supply chain participants to ensure that building products are fit for purpose.
By Andrew Stephenson, Jaclyn Smith, Lindsay Hogan
This decision is another instance of the SICC drawing on the expertise of one of the international judges on its panel.
By David Abernethy, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
The Court considered the potential prejudice to creditors in extending the time for registration of security interests.
By Jaclyn Smith, Jonathan Mackojc
Allowing third party funding in arbitration proceedings is a positive step forward for both Singapore and Hong Kong.
By Meghan Keary, Graeme Grovum
Construction lawyers are often faced with large volumes of electronic documents that need to be managed and reviewed.
By Marie Costa, Breen Creighton, Justine Cheong
The Court handed down an important decision relating to union right of entry for occupational health and safety purposes.
By David Abernethy, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
If the interests are in all other respects equal, priority in time of creation is considered to give the better equity.
By David Hastie, Jonathan Mackojc
We take a closer look at Chinese cultural values, business etiquette and negotiation styles.
By Mark McCowan
Populist pressures seem to be building and the ACCC and policymakers must be able to hold back the tide of protectionism.
By Charlotte Loos, Henry Prokuda
This decision is only a recommendation, but instances of acting contrary to a recommendation of the Land Court are rare.
By David Abernethy, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
The article looks at the FEG scheme cost blowout, what options are available and what approach might be most effective.
By Andrew McCormack, Sarah Stroes
We discuss a recent case on contract law.
By Celeste Koravos, David Hastie
Asia plays a crucial role in Australia's construction market.
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