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NSW 2000
By James Cameron, Eddie Scuderi, Tim Allen
IP licences and agreements must be drafted clearly and comprehensively to include all matters between the parties.
By Christine Covington
This article examines highlights of the recent draft Bill amending the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
By David Abernethy, Jason Salman, Kirsty Sutherland, Mark Wilks, Matthew Critchley, Michael Kimmins, Sam Delaney, Haley Aprile
The orders were for misleading and deceptive statements in a prospectus, non-disclosure and breach of directors duties.
By Siobhan Flores-Walsh, Anthony Forsyth
ROE is only triggered if the permit holder has probative evidence of a reasonable suspicion of a breach of the WHS Act.
By Leanne O'Brien
Failure to supply accurate information may mean responsibility for loss suffered by an entity relying on the certificate.
By Siobhan Flores-Walsh, Marie Costa
Safety and legal compliance requires competent risk assessments by employers and a timely response to their outcomes.
By Richard Flitcroft
2017 is shaping up to be a big year in the anti-bribery and corruption space – especially from an Australian perspective.
By Philip Catania, Tim Lee
The article analyses what the Full Federal Court says about metadata regulation in Australia, and what it doesn't.
By Ben Davidson, David Hastie
This episode looks to the trends that are coming and the issues that we forecast for the Australian construction market.
By Spencer Flay, Kristina Botsis, Ben Stephenson, Hannah Peters
The Arbitration Rules outline the procedures relevant to actions that relate to domestic and international arbitration.
By Helen Clarke, Claire Morris, Viva Paxton
Fast-evolving technologies regularly impact information collection practices, so a review and update may be (over)due.
By Simon Billing, Courtney Fiddian, Thalia Botsis
Determining whether dismissal is an appropriate response to swearing in the workplace is an increasingly difficult task.
By Helen Clarke, Melissa Pratt, Claire Morris, Viva Paxton
This note summarises key issues and considers how the privacy and right to information laws may evolve in the future.
By Jodie Burger, Viva Paxton, Ashley Rooney
The law should balance the need for accountability without allowing legal actions to be disruptive and obstructive.
By Christine Covington
NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes has proposed a multitude of amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.
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