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By David Abernethy, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
The court held that unless a limited exception applies, it does not have power to adjust the liability of a co-guarantor.
By Michael Do Rozario
Recent global cyber security attacks have highlighted the importance of a comprehensive cyber security response plan.
By Sarah Leonard
This week Corrs High Vis heads west to consider some of trends emerging in Western Australia's construction industry.
By Andrew Stephenson, Lee Carroll
To decide otherwise would have severely undermined the policy settings which serve as the basis for insolvency law.
By David Abernethy, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
This case identifies a specific scenario where the liquidators' power of disclaimer could not be used to avoid an EPO.
By Mark Payne, Kieran Egan
The budget included measures to address housing affordability but resisted structural changes to the taxation system.
By Andrew McCormack, Matthew Muir, Jaclyn Smith, Wayne Jocic
This week, Corrs High Vis considers some of the key cases and industry updates from our latest Construction Law Update.
By Jason Salman, Jade Rowarth
These amendments should provide companies with necessary breathing space to implement a financial restructuring plan.
By David Abernethy, Jason Salman, Kirsty Sutherland
This was an objection to a liquidator retaining solicitors who had previously acted for a creditor against the company.
By Iain Laughland, Anthony Forsyth, Sophie Lawes
This article examines the decision as well as implications for employers in ensuring that agreements meet the BOOT test.
By James North, James Wallace
General counsel have a key role in assisting their organisation to put in place the framework to become cyber resilient.
By Frances Wheelahan
Blockchain is technology which allows a database or a ledger to be shared amongst a distributed network of computers.
By Jane Hider
This podcast series, brought by Corrs Construction team, offers analysis and insights to help make smarter decisions.
By Jane Hider
This VCC Framework represents a solid beginning, but a national framework and more detailed guidance is still required.
By John W H Denton
Governments need to encourage and facilitate private infrastructure investment to help communities around the world.
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