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By Greg Johnson, Wade Ritchie
Since the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Daishowa‑Marubeni International Ltd. v. Canada, 2013 SCC 29 [Daishowa], clarity exists for how a vendor treats abandonment obligations ...
By Andrew Little, Claire Lehan, Josh Scheinert
The Canadian federal government has announced the creation of an Ombudsperson for "responsible enterprise", an office to be housed within Global Affairs Canada.
By Ranjeev Dhillon, Aaron Sonshine, Rami Chalabi, Kathleen Devlin
The government of Prince Edward Island released details about its retail and distribution model for recreational cannabis on Tuesday.
By Jim Schmidt, Michael S. Sestito
In R. v. Samji, 2017 BCCA 415 [Samji], the B.C. Court of Appeal decided that a $33-million administrative monetary penalty (AMP) assessed by the province's Securities Commission...
By Jim Schmidt
Is San Francisco-based Craigslist subject to a third-party production order in criminal proceedings in British Columbia, despite having only a "virtual" presence in the province?
By Carl Cunningham, Sara Parchello, Talia K. Bregman, Tyler Henderson
On November 28, 2017, Ontario's Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017, received Royal Assent. While some major changes have already come into effect, others are just around the corner.
By Ranjeev Dhillon, Aaron Sonshine, Rami Chalabi, Kathleen Devlin
As the July 2018 date of legalization approaches, Canadian provinces continue to announce their plans for the regulation, distribution and sale of recreational cannabis.
By Ranjan Agarwal, Gannon Beaulne, Ethan Schiff
On July 5, 2017, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice released a 129-page decision in the Rana Plaza class action (Das v George Weston Limited, 2017 ONSC 4129), a proposed class action brought in Ontario ...
By David Dodge, Richard Dion, John Weekes, Michael Horgan, Daniel Cheng
After a marked slowdown in 2016, the global economy is experiencing robust, synchronized growth in 2017, which exceeds earlier expectations and should continue in the short term.
By Simon Foxcroft, Mathieu LaFleche, Jennifer Miller, Jenna Vivian
Bill 30: An Act to Protect the Health and Well-being of Working Albertans (the New Act), received its first reading in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on November 27, 2017.
By Michael S. Sestito, Tatum Woywitka
Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a top legal risk for employers, especially in the context of the #metoo movement.
By Kay She, Thomas McInerney, Duncan McPherson, Sharon Singh
Effective January 1, 2018, all facilities emitting 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year or more in Alberta are required to submit annual reports on their emissions to the Alberta government.
By Emrys Davis, Scott Azzopardi
For many years, it was next to impossible to certify a price-fixing class action in Canada. Today, certification is so common that refusals to certify are the rare exception.
By John Baird P.C.
The Eurasia Group has released its annual forecast of the political risks that are most likely to play out over the course of 2018.
By Martin Kratz, Stephen Burns
A quote famously attributed to then FBI Director, Robert Mueller, in March 2012 advised that: "There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be."
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