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By Jared Mackey, Darcy Moch
On July 18, 2017, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau announced sweeping changes to the way private businesses and their shareholders are taxed.
By Cheryl Woodin, Christiaan Jordaan
The decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal in Hodge v Neinstein, 2017 ONCA 494, released on June 15, 2017, was surprising with respect to its treatment of the balance between common and individual issues...
By Steve Gow, Conrad Druzeta, Michael Whitt, Andrew Pollock, Simon Grant
Companies considering an Initial Coin Offering, Token Offering or other blockchain-enabled means of capital raising should pay attention to recent guidance issued by the United States SEC.
By Michael Theroux, Christine Plante
In a recent decision in Talisman Energy Inc v Questerre Energy Corporation, the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Court of Queen's Bench, to place limits on the "pay now, dispute later" structure ...
By Dominique Hussey, L.E. Trent Horne, Jeilah Chan
The Supreme Court of Canada recently confirmed the availability of a novel form of worldwide injunction whereby Google, a non-party to the litigation, was required to block worldwide access...
By Milos Barutciski, David Bursey, Sharon Singh, Siyan (Anna) Ren
With the New Democratic Party (NDP) forming British Columbia's next government, lobbying regulation in British Columbia is about to change.
By Venetia Whiting, Julia Schatz, Laura Freitag, Ceilidh (Cailey) Mulder
Gendron v Thompson Fuels et al provides a cautionary tale for homeowners hoping to "handle things on [their] own".
By Dominique Hussey, L.E. Trent Horne, Jeilah Chan
In Ontario cottage country, locals have been confronted with the registration of the trademark HALIBURTON, the name of the county in which they operate.
By Martin Kratz
We live in an age of escalating cybersecurity threats. Many intrusion threats are social engineering attacks, which seek to gain entry to an organization's computer systems via its personnel...
By Martin Kratz
Anonymity on the Internet has encouraged some to feel they live in a culture that feels no responsibility for what might be posted and where there may be no consequences for what one posts.
By Martin Kratz
We live in an age of escalating cybersecurity threats.
By Ruth Promislow, Michael Whitt, Archana Ravichandradeva
If you conduct, or are contemplating business in the European Union, this new regulation should be on your radar.
By Scott Bower, Russell Kruger, Bradley Gilmour, David McKinnon
The documents and records of an internal investigation into a workplace accident may be privileged notwithstanding a statutory obligation to carry out an investigation and prepare a report...
By Vivek Warrier, Lucas (Luke) Morrison
The Canadian Energy Law Foundation (CELF) held its Annual Jasper Research Seminar in mid-June, the 56th year this world class event has been held in Alberta.
By Simon Grant, Adam Taylor
Payday lenders provide small amounts of money to borrowers on a short-term, often high cost basis in exchange for future payment, like a post-dated cheque or pre-authorized debit.
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