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By Eileen McMahon, Yolande Dufresne, Teresa Reguly
The Ontario government has announced1 it is undergoing informal consultations with patients, health care providers and the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries on transparency in the health care sector.
By Teresa Reguly, Sylvie Rodrigue, Eileen McMahon
The regulation is expected to come into effect on September 2, 2017.
By Eileen McMahon, Teresa Reguly, Vanessa Komarnicki
On July 15, the Government of Canada published its proposed Certificate of Supplementary Protection Regulations (Regulations)...
By Michael Akkawi, Allison Hennick, Sarah Carter, Owen Payne
Canada's move towards legalization of cannabis in summer of 2018 makes it uniquely positioned, relative to the United States, to be at the forefront of cannabis commerce and a leader in attracting...
By Stefan Stauder, Katherine Spenner
Valuations through Q3 2016 are at the highest level since at least 2010. Private equity dry powder is at record levels, and private equity investors are under pressure to invest.
By John Tobin
Increasing complexity in business structures, the speed at which transactions are conceived and closed, and rapidly changing tax laws, particularly surrounding base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS)...
By Sharon Geraghty
Shareholders are looking to take an increasingly active role in governance.
By John Emanoilidis, Mile T. Kurta, Andrew Gray, Sophia Tolias
The informed choice of independent, uncoerced shareholders to approve an M&A transaction is being given more weight in the United States following a recent line of Delaware decisions.
By Andrew Shaughnessy, Michelle Nelles, Sumeet Dang
The principal function of a trademark is to enable consumers to distinguish one's goods or services from those of a competitor in the marketplace.
By Adam Armstrong, Marko Trivun, Tekin Salimi
Bitcoin was conceived in a 2008 white paper entitled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, authored by one or more persons using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.
By Andrew Bernstein, David Outerbridge, Patricia McMahon
Releases are a part of commercial life, but it is important to know what they cover and what they do not.
By Torys’ Capital Markets Practice
The IPO market in Canada has taken a significant turn this year to date, in particular when compared to depressed IPO activity in 2016.
By Teresa Reguly, Vanessa Komarnicki
The Ontario government recently amended the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) to include mandatory breach reporting.
By Andrew Gray, Jeremy Opolsky
SCC affirms decision ordering corporate director to compensate minority shareholder where director derived personal benefit from oppressive conduct.
By Benjamin Geva, Peter Aziz, Marissa Daniels
With the view of promoting innovation and competition while protecting the public interest, the Department of Finance (the Department) has followed up on an earlier Consultation Paper...
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