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By Molly Reynolds
Canada's Anti-Spam Law came into force in July 2014, with various provisions scheduled to come into force on later dates.
By Mitch Frazer, Susan Nickerson, Thomas Stevenson, Caitlin Morin
On May 19, the Ontario government announced that it intends to implement various changes to the funding rules for defined benefit pension plans and buy-out annuities. The government expects to introduce...
By Dennis Mahony, Michael Fortier, Tyson Dyck, Aleksandra Ramsvik
The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) recently released its " Excess Soil Regulatory Proposal," (Proposal) which puts forward the following...
By Dennis Mahony, Michael Fortier, Tyson Dyck, Aleksandra Ramsvik
The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) recently released its "Excess Soil Regulatory Proposal," (Proposal) which puts forward the following:
By Andrew Bernstein, Edward Fan
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently held that internet "framing" is a valid ground for copyright infringement in Canada, in Trader Corporation v. CarGurus, Inc (Trader Corp).
By Andrew Shaughnessy, Teresa Reguly
The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board published the consultation paper "Protecting Canadians from Excessive Drug Prices: Consulting on Proposed Amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations."
By Lisa Talbot, Irfan Kara
Employees are required to make best efforts to reduce their damages after dismissal, usually by attempting to secure comparable employment elsewhere.
By Tyson Dyck, Dennis Mahony, Henry Ren
On May 25, the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced regulations to reduce the emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from Canada's oil and gas sector.
By Darryl Hiscocks, Thomas Stevenson, Caitlin Morin
Bill C-45, An Act respecting cannabis and to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts (the Cannabis Act) was introduced in the House of Commons on April 13.
By Susan Nickerson, Thomas Stevenson, Brad Tartick, Caitlin Morin
In April the Ontario Government released its 2017 Budget (Budget) together with Bill 127, Stronger, Healthier Ontario Act (Budget Measures) (Bill).
By Tyson Dyck, Dennis Mahony, John Terry, Michael Pickersgill, Henry Ren
On May 18, the Government of Canada released a technical discussion paper (Discussion Paper) describing how it proposes to implement a backstop carbon price in provinces and territories...
By Laurie Duke, Andrew Gray, Jaclyn Leader, Sophia Tolias
You have bought a business and agreed to use "best" efforts to obtain regulatory approval of the transaction.
By David Mattingly
Republican lawmakers, having gained control of the U.S. Congress, are eager to reduce the U.S. federal corporate income tax rate.
By Vitali Berditchevski
On April 20, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2016-192, entitled Framework for assessing the...
By Eileen McMahon, Teresa Reguly, Manpreet Singh
On April 13, the federal government released the proposed Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) to legalize the production, distribution and sale of cannabis for recreational purposes.
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