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By Sylvie Rodrigue, Marie-Ève Gingras
Lors de l'adoption de la Loi sur le recours collectif1 en 1978, tant la partie demanderesse que la partie défenderesse pouvait, de plein droit, porter en appel un jugement...
By Sylvie Rodrigue, Marie-Ève Gingras
When the Act respecting the class action was adopted in 1978,1 both plaintiff and defendant could appeal, as of right, from a judgment on an application for authorization to institute a class action.
By Mile T. Kurta, Cheryl Reicin, Eric Foster, Erin Wiley
For companies seeking to raise capital in the United States, volatile market conditions can prove to be challenging.
By Vanessa Komarnicki, Eileen McMahon, Edward Fan
On October 30, Canada signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) at the European Union-Canada Leaders' Summit.
By Laurie Duke, Andrew Gray, Sophia Tolias
In M&A, not all surprises are big enough to trigger a MAC (or material adverse change) clause, especially if they relate to a target's financial underperformance.
By Michelle Nelles, Kevin Tuohy, Geneviève Bertrand, Manpreet Singh
In another step towards implementing French language signage rules, the Government of Québec has announced that modifications to the Regulation respecting the language of commerce and business...
By Michelle Nelles, Kevin Tuohy, Geneviève Bertrand, Manpreet Singh
Faisant un nouveau pas vers la mise en œuvre de règles sur l'affichage en français, le gouvernement du Québec a annoncé que des modifications au Règlement sur la langue du commerce et des affaires de la Chartes...
By Darryl Hiscocks
When a purchaser acquires all or substantially all of the assets of a vendor's business, the purchaser and the vendor are generally free to negotiate...
By Sylvie Rodrigue, Marie-Ève Gingras
La Cour d'appel du Québec a accueilli pas moins de cinq appels de jugements rejetant une action collective proposée au stade de l'autorisation en 2016.
By Sylvie Rodrigue, Marie-Ève Gingras
In 2016, the Québec Court of Appeal has allowed no less than five appeals from judgments that refused to authorize class actions.
By Manpreet Singh, Teresa Reguly, Yolande Dufresne, Eileen McMahon
Partially hydrogenated oils, sugars, sodium and saturated fats are caught in the cross-hairs as Health Canada moves forward on its Healthy Eating Strategy.
By Tyson Dyck, Dennis Mahony, Patricia Koval, Michael Pickersgill, Henry Ren
On November 15, the Ontario MOECC released a discussion paper on the emissions offset program being proposed in connection with the province's greenhouse gas (GHG) cap-and-trade system.
By Peter Keenan, Scott Semer, Tara Mackay, Christopher Caparelli, Stefan Stauder, Steven Rotchtin
Donald Trump won the White House this past Tuesday in a surprising victory that concluded a turbulent election season in the U.S. With the Republicans retaining control of the Senate and the House...
By Manpreet Singh, Teresa Reguly, Yolande Dufresne, Eileen McMahon
The federal government recently announced a new healthy eating initiative that will see Canada's much-recognized Food Guide get chopped.
By John Emanoilidis, Andrew Gray, Sophia Tolias
Canadian securities regulators recently provided the reasons behind their decision not to cease trade Dolly Varden Silver Corporation's private placement...
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