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Earlier this month the UK Intellectual Property Office released a series of guides setting out the most important factors to consider when expanding your intellectual property rights internationally.
On 25 August 2016, WhatsApp announced that it was changing its terms and privacy policy to (among other things) allow communications with businesses
If the 3 hurdles above can be overcome, there may be a right of action that could lead to an injunction, damages or both.
By Margaret Briffa
There is a danger with any professional service that you have seen the same sort of things so many times that you risk going into autopilot or zombie mode.
By Éamon Chawke
The Star Wars brand was born in 1977 with the release of the first film in the series: simply, "Star Wars".
By Margaret Briffa
Sir Bob Geldof has faced worse blows of course but he can now add ‘being sued for millions by former band mate' to the list.
By Margaret Briffa
Oh dear oh dear, what is the matter with McDonalds? Their corporate website is full of warm and fluffy statements about how seriously they take their corporate social responsibility.
By Margaret Briffa
Heritage Audio are nothing if not bold. The Spanish company is currently in litigation with AMS Neve Limited over the manufacture and sale of the look and sound a like '1073'.
By Scott Steinberg
Gucci filed a notice of opposition and applied to invalidate Guess?'s EU trade mark application and registration, based on its earlier trade marks for different versions of a 'G' next to or connected to another mirroring 'G'.
By William Miles
So you've spent months developing the prefect brand name, it sounds great and you've started telling everyone about it. Maybe you've got a little further and you've bought a domain name or registered a company name?
By Alex Chapman, Alex Chapman
By Alex Chapman, Alex Chapman
By Alex Chapman