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By Margaret Briffa
More than 2000 years after some poor bloke was nailed to a tree for suggesting that people should just be nice to one another, the kindness movement still has a long way to go.
By Scott Steinberg
Cadbury argued that the four-finger bar had a dominant ‘KIT KAT' logo on it and it was this logo that acquired distinctiveness.
By William Miles
Choosing the ideal brand name is no mean feat. For it to be truly valuable to your business, it needs to be registered as a trade mark, but this is easier said than done.
By Claire Shomade
As is typical in publishing agreements, Duran Duran's deal with Gloucester Place Music Limited (part of EMI) included a worldwide assignment of rights in their songs for the duration of copyright...
By Éamon Chawke
Earlier this month, PayPal opposed a trade mark application for the "Paytm" logo in India.
By Christine Zembrzuski
Grey market goods/parallel imports are genuinely manufactured goods by the trade mark owner, for a particular jurisdiction, that are subsequently imported into a jurisdiction not authorised by the brand owner.
‘Tis the season of counterfeiting. Intellectual property crime is rife at Christmas.
By Margaret Briffa
Lazy Oaf is one of our favourite clients who is anything but lazy or oafish. Launched more than 15 years ago by Gemma Shiel, Lazy Oaf makes colourful clothes and accessories...
Artificial Intelligence is very quickly going to change the world as we know it and the music industry is no exception.
At a recent ACID and Briffa event following the disappointing Trunki decision (PMS International Limited v Magmatic Limited [2016] UKSC 12), speakers explored IP enforcement...
By Margaret Briffa
Being a sci-fi fan the recent election of Donald Trump immediately called to mind the famous lines on topic written by Douglas Adams in ‘A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
This year, the European Patent Office (EPO) granted three new patents to Carlsberg (EP2384110, EP2373154 and EP2575433) relating, broadly, to the harvest of kernels from barley plants...
Earlier this month the UK Intellectual Property Office released a series of guides setting out the most important factors to consider when expanding your intellectual property rights internationally.
On 25 August 2016, WhatsApp announced that it was changing its terms and privacy policy to (among other things) allow communications with businesses
If the 3 hurdles above can be overcome, there may be a right of action that could lead to an injunction, damages or both.