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By Deris Patent & Trademark Agency Limited
Turkey is preparing to change the existing Decree Laws concerning the protection of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and the geographical indications by replacing them with a draft IP Law covering all the aforementioned rights.
By Emre Kerim Yardımcı, Asli Bayguz
The Turkish Patent Institute (T.P.I.) has no authority to cancel a registered trademark according to the current provision.
By Feride Utku, Okan Çan
The Decree Laws No. 556 for Trademarks and 554 for Industrial Design does not have any provision in this respect whereas the Decree Law No. 551 for Patents, regulates this matter under the heading of "Effects of Patents of Prior Date" in Article 78.
By Bilge Taşkara, Okan Çan
Articles 19, 25 and 29 of the Draft clearly indicate that non-use can be asserted as a counterclaim during the examination of an opposition by the applicant and/or as a counter-claim during litigation before the Court by the defendant.
By Muhlise Aydın, Okan Çan
Article 136 provides that where the patent is obtained for a process for the production/preparation of a product, all products, possessing the same properties, shall be deemed to have been manufactured by the patented process.
By Muazzez Korutürk, Okan Çan
The Decree Law No: 551 on Protection of Patents, does not specifically refer to the patentability of biotechnological inventions.
By Bilge Taşkara, Okan Çan
According to the Article 14 of the current Turkish Decree Law No. 556 on Trademarks, it is possible to institute a court action for the cancellation of a registered trademark...
By Okan Çan, Elif Türkan Dinçer, Muazzez Korutürk, Yaşar Canpolat, Ahmet Bekereci
The Law on Protection of Personal Data (Law) has been enacted on March 24, 2016 and published on the Official Gazette dated April 07, 2016.
By Deris Patent & Trademark Agency Limited
The Turkish Parliament has enacted the anticipated draft Law on Protection of Personal Data (Law) on March 24, 2016.
By Deris Patent & Trademark Agency Limited
The Turkish Patent Institute has amended the monthly publication of trademark applications for 3rd party oppositions, whereby it will publish applications twice each month.
By Muazzez Korutürk, Muhlise Aydın, Okan Çan, Mehmet Nazım Aydin Deris
It is commonly known that pharmaceutical patents cover the substance or the composition itself (molecule patents) and the use of this substance or composition in the treatment of a disease (indication patents).
By Berrin Kalenderli, Yaşar Canpolat
The Turkish Constitutional Court (the Constitutional Court) has cancelled the provision of Article 7/1(i) of Decree Law no. 556 on trademarks with the Decision dated May 27, 2015 (Decision).
By Muazzez Korutürk, Muhlise Aydın, Okan Çan
"Avrupa Patentlerinin Verilmesi ile İlgili Avrupa Patent Sözlesmesi ve Eklerine Katılmamız Uygun Bulunan 27 Ocak 2000 tarih ve 4504 sayılı Kanun ısığında"
By Mehmet Nazım Aydin Deris
With two new decisions the Constitutional Court continues to chip away other provisions of Decree- Law No. 556 on trademarks further eroding and weakening the legislative basis of the protection of IP rights.
By Seda Üngür
Three dimensional printing (3D PRINTING), a recent very popular system, is the creation process of a three dimensional object by printing any virtually designed shape into a solid form.