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By David Hammond
Processes and techniques to remove microbes from objects that we consume in everyday life is often overlooked but is crucial technology.
By Caroline Day
The information technology sector is incredibly fast moving and new developments have the potential to significantly impact our lives.
By Andrew Flaxman
We are familiar with telephones, TV and music being available in luxurious hotel bathrooms and this has slowly migrated into the domestic environment.
By Lesley Evans
This describes how we sometimes respond differently to the same workplace behaviours from men and women.
By George Tebbutt
The Preparatory Committee for the Unified Patent Court (UPC) has announced draft timescales for the UPC entering into force.
By David Brown
The full reasoned decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G1/15 (partial priority/poisonous divisionals) was published in February.
By George Tebbutt
The UPC Preparatory Committee has announced that a provisional timetable for the entry into force of the new Unified Patent Court (UPC) and Unitary Patent (UP) will be delayed.
By Isobel Finnie
If your European patent/patent application involves products of essentially biological processes, such as crossing of whole plant or animal genomes, proceedings may be stayed.