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By Chris Hoole
At the time of drafting UK copyright legislation, the legislature's mind was not in the cloud, but firmly on the ground.
By Robert Cumming
Until very recently, the concept that machines could identify and respond to images was as far-fetched as a cyborg being sent back in time to kill a future leader.
By Robert Cumming, Adam Tindall
If Scotland votes to leave the UK, IP owners with rights in Scotland will be fundamentally affected, whether they are nationals of Scotland, or "foreign" companies.
By Robert Cumming
In Cosmetic Warriors Ltd and Lush Ltd v Ltd and Amazon EU Sarl, the cosmetics brand sought to prevent the use of LUSH in online advertisements by the retailer.
By Robert Cumming
Can the seller stick his head in the sand and claim he knew nothing about the original work? Or does the law oblige the retailer to investigate claims of infringement?
By Robert Cumming
The hashtag #, or octothorpe depending on your etymological preference, is commonly used on social media to group discussions according to their topic.