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By Tim Concannon
This Act introduces a new NSW CTP Scheme to replace the scheme under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 (NSW).
By Hanaan Indari
Although eligible persons can claim, a Will provides some certainty that your assets will pass according to your wishes.
By Josephine Heesh, Lara Piercy
If you lose capacity and have not prepared either document, an application will need to be made to have these appointed.
By Josephine Heesh
There are pitfalls if a NFP agrees to a joint venture proposal to develop its assets in order to realise a cash return.
By Nathan Gately, Josephine Heesh
The Court found in favour of the Crown in the claim for land rights by the NSW ALS over land occupied by Berrima Gaol.
By Josephine Heesh, Michael Crowe
An MOU usually records a transaction in advance and in anticipation of detailed and legally binding terms and conditions.
By Josephine Heesh, Jessica Lobow
Certification of financial viability must be signed by the principal of the non-government school and an approved body.
By Katherine Driscoll, Josephine Heesh
The Committee on Human Rights tabled its report on freedom of speech in Australia, but was unable to reach a consensus.
By Josephine Heesh, Merryn Lynch
Despite their actions being found to be unlawfully discriminatory, Asher's Bakery is recording an increase in profits.
By Josephine Heesh, Merryn Lynch
The seminar provided strategies for non-profits to mitigate risks of international fraud and terrorism financing.
By Matthew Rafferty
These decisions relating to retail leases were about water usage charges, incorrect signing and assignment of a lease.
By Paul Carroll, Alex Collie
The protection against unfair contractual terms under the ACL has been extended to certain kinds of small business.
By Matthew Rafferty
The Tribunal found that, where there is no occupation and no lease, a deposit is not payment of rent under a lease.
By Matthew Rafferty
Courts have found that quiet enjoyment is the right of the tenant to operate without interruption by the landlord.
By Paul Carroll, Alex Collie
Exempt development allows certain low-impact projects to be undertaken without undergoing a rigorous approvals process.
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