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By Dianne Retief, Patricia Monemvasitis
A bare trustee acts on instructions by the beneficiary, so the beneficiary is responsible for the supply or acquisition.
By Deanne Methven
Landlords are often aware of reports of budgets, expenditure and recoveries, but may not be aware of the marketing levy.
By Gillian Kirwan, Paul Burke
The Tribunal found the landlords were entitled to re-enter and re-take possession of the premises without further notice.
By Matthew Rafferty
The Appeal Panel of the Tribunal applied these 10 principles to decide that the demolition notice in this case was valid.
By Lillian Kidman, Josephine Heesh
The KonMarie method of a de-cluttering, minimalistic lifestyle encourages sustainability while cleansing home and mind.
By Emily Regidor, Josephine Heesh, Dianne Retief
When in doubt, a private ruling would clarify whether the gift is a taxable supply, notwithstanding no "purchase price".
By Merryn Lynch, Patricia Monemvasitis
The legislation aims "to assist the business community… take proactive and effective actions to address modern slavery".
By Bill Madden
Operators in the aged care industry should be preparing for dealing with the media, including particularly, social media.
By Philip Ferraro
Injured persons in NSW should pre-empt a ‘minor injury' notice and fully investigate their injuries at an early stage.
By Charles Harrison
An important feature of this Act is the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CIS Scheme), which commenced in September 2018.
By Gillian Kirwan, Paul Carroll
The tenant won, despite holding an unregistered lease to part of the property, which was included in the sale agreement.
By Matthew Rafferty
The Tribunal found that the landlord used the demolition clause to terminate the lease to grant a lease to a new tenant.
By Gillian Kirwan, Paul Carroll
The Court found the tenant failed to formally exercise the option to renew in accordance with the terms of the lease.
By Matisha Panagoda, Martin Slattery
These recent NSW changes should ensure that there is a clearer path in civil litigation for victims of child sex abuse.
By Bill Madden, Tracey Carver, Tina Cockburn
This analysis adopts a comparative approach to damages for treatment of wrongful birth cases in Australia and in the UK.
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