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By Avi Freeman
When patent attorneys first started plying their trade, their role was well defined and discrete, no matter how technically and legally complex it may have been.
By Robert McDougall, Jacqueline Needle
UK and European patents provide legal protection for products, but from this year they may also provide a reduction in corporation tax on worldwide profits from those products.
By Jacqueline Needle
A "European patent package" has been agreed, which, the European politicians say, will come into effect in 2014.
By Beck Greener
The Court of Appeal has considered the obviousness of patents in two recent cases, and has underlined that there is no "obvious to try" test and in each case upheld the decision of the judge at first instance.
By Beck Greener
Following trial and judgement in patent infringement proceedings relating to aircraft seats, the matter came to a hearing as to costs and, in particular, as to whether there should be disclosure of a Part 36 offer.
By Beck Greener
This case is a judgment in default of defence, heard in the Patents County Court before Birss HHJ which relates to the infringement of GB patent No. 2318662.
By Nick Bebbington, Beck Greener
Third parties can now submit observations as to the patentability of pending international (PCT) patent applications.
By Duncan Morgan
In a number of key areas, trade mark law has not been applied in the same manner across the European Union.
By Jacqueline Needle
Patentees are advised to mark their products and packaging with patent numbers.
By Jacqueline Needle
Not content with battling Samsung in many jusrisdictions over tablet computers, Apple is also in dispute with HTC over technology relating to tablet computers and smart phones.
By Avi Freeman
In the latest legal battle between Apple and Samsung over tablet computers, Samsung won in court.
By Jacqueline Needle, Beck Greener
Before the UK Patents Act was amended with effect from 1st October 2005, a defendant found to infringe a patent could escape having to pay damages.
By Jacqueline Needle, Beck Greener
A recent case has seen two multinational corporations conduct a patent battle relating to automatic devices for cleaning showers at the Patents County Court.
By Jacqueline Needle
Patent attorneys have long advised their clients to focus on the issues at the heart of a dispute and not to throw in a "kitchen sink" of other complaints just because it is easy to do so.
By Sue Scott
A new scam has emerged directed at owners of domain names in the UK. Previously, individuals posing as domain name registrars in Asia have tried to deceive the owners of trade marks and of domain names into buying a series of domain names with suffixes such as and .asia. The bogus registrar purports to have had instructions to register the victim's name.