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By Yongmei Gong, Lu Yi
By Daniel Jiang, Minjie Liu
Yes. According to Article 81 of the Civil Procedure Law, where any evidence may be extinguished or be hard to obtain at a later time
By Gary Zhang
At the end of March 2016, China's Supreme People's Court issued Judicial Interpretation II on Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Patent Infringement Dispute Cases.
By China Sinda Intellectual Property Ltd
Invention Patents; Applications - 2015: 1,101,864, 2014: 928,177, Year-on-Year Growth Rate 18.7%.
By Daniel Jiang, Minjie Liu
Generally speaking, the first instance takes no longer than six months, but foreign cases (i.e. at least one party is a foreign entity) are not subject to this limitation.
By China Sinda Intellectual Property Ltd
As you may have known, the first Intellectual Property Court in China - the Beijing Intellectual Property Court (BIPC) - was founded in November 2014.
By Guangliang Zhang, Gary Zhang
On February 10 2015, China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced the results of its antimonopoly investigation of US-based Qualcomm.
By Daniel Jiang, Minjie Liu
The Chinese judicial system is called the People's court system and is a two instance court system.
By Yarong Zhou
Most countries have established confidentiality review measures to first conduct a confidentiality review where a foreign patent application needs to be made for an invention/creation.
By Jinhua Lu
Usually the PPH will take one of two forms – the conventional PPH or Patent Co-operation Treaty PPH (PCT-PPH).
By Kai Xia
There is disagreement between examiners and applicants as to whether certain distinguishing technical features are "common knowledge".
By Xiaoguang Liang
The concept of "person skilled in the art" is used in numerous aspects of patent examinations, so accurately understanding this concept is of great significance to both patent examiners and agents.
By Jinhua Lu
For a foreign applicant, two routes are available for filing a patent application in China...
By China Sinda Intellectual Property Ltd
The declaratory judgment of non-infringement is a relatively new type of intellectual property related actions in China.
By China Sinda Intellectual Property Ltd
In recent years, the Chinese market has witnessed a rapid expansion, and its outstanding status in the global marketplace has become ever prominent.