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By Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Aysel Korkmaz Yatkın
The Istanbul IP Court has recently decided on a generic company's damages claim based on an unjust preliminary injunction, in what appears to be the first decision of its kind ...
By Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Selin Sinem Erciyas
Ever since Turkey became a member to European Patent Convention (EPC), the enforcement or invalidity of the Turkish validation of a European Patent (EP), while proceedings before European Patent Office (EPO) ...
By Selin Sinem Erciyas
One of the two IP courts of Istanbul rejected a crucial precautionary injunction (PI) demand of a owner on the ground that the demand requires a full trial ...
By Dicle Doğan, Fatma Sevde Tan
Historically, medical device companies could not receive payments for any products sold to state university hospitals in Turkey.
By Güldeni̇z Doğan Alkan, Kubra Kaplan
Owner of STICK and STIX marks opposed registration of figurative mark and design containing ‘sticks'
By Zeynep Seda Alhas, Di̇lan Sıla Aslan
The Re-examination and Evaluation Board of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TürkPatent) has found that the application for the figurative trademark IBEX was confusingly similar to the figurative trademark RED BULL and, therefore, could not be registered for beverages in Classes 30 and 32.
By Hande Hançar Çeli̇k, Baran Güney
Pursuant to the Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated March 27, 2018 and numbered 30373 "Regulation on Procedures and Principles of Broadcasting Service" was amended.
By Hande Hançar Çeli̇k, Baran Güney
The Law on Amendment to Tax Laws, Some Laws and Decree-Laws which brings amendments to RTUK Law no. 6112 was approved by the President, was published in the Official Gazette numbered 30373bis on March 27, 2018.
By Pelin Baysal, Bi̇lge Kağan Çevi̇k
Arbitration analysis: Pelin Baysal and Bilge Kağan Çevik of Turkish law firm Gün + Partners discuss the relevance of costs when concluding an arbitration agreement where the parties have settled on institutional rather than ad hoc arbitration.
By Beri̇l Yayla Sapan, Melİs Silaci
The Code of Civil Procedure (6100) regulates preliminary injunctions in Turkey. According to Article 389 of the code, courts may grant a preliminary injunction if:
The Industrial Property Code No. 6769 ("the IP Code") which came into force on 10 January 2017 has been widely welcomed by brand owners as their rights have now been sealed through the introduction of this new Code
By Güldeni̇z Doğan Alkan
The decision also deals with the hot topic of how, and under which conditions, an earlier trademark provides vested rights to its owner.
By Beri̇l Yayla Sapan, Asena Aytug Keser
It amended several laws, including the Commercial Code.
By Hande Hançar Çeli̇k, Dicle Doğan, Di̇lan Sıla Aslan
The Court of Appeals accepted the appeal and reversed the first instance decision.
By Pelin Baysal, Görkem Bilgin
The following article provides guidance to investors on the procedural amendments in relation to company's being established in Turkey.
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