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By Filiz Toprak Esin, Muzaffer Atar
Attorney-client privilege is widely debated, as its interpretation is difficult in cross-border litigation and investigations.
By Güldeni̇z Doğan Alkan, Pınar Arıkan
The new Turkish Intellectual Property (IP) Code came into force on January 10, 2017, and introduced a major change to Turkish trademark law and practice with respect to the non-use defense in opposition and litigation proceedings.
By Uğur Aktekin
Most of the articles of Law No 5,000 on the Establishment and Functions of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office were revoked by Decree-Law No 703, which was published in the Official Gazette (No 30473 3rd bis) on 9 July 2018 within the framework of the adaptation to the new presidential government system.
By Filiz Toprak Esin, Asena Aytug Keser
When the Turkish Data Protection Act entered in force back in 2016, it provided a two-year period for data controllers to bring their data protection policies in conformity with the new law.
By Hande Hançar Çeli̇k, Berrin Di̇nçer
Turkey has welcomed the new Intellectual Property Code (the IP Code) numbered 6769. This came force on January 10 2017.
By Dicle Doğan, Nehir Aydeniz
The Euro exchange rate set for the pricing of medicines is to increase by 2.5% for some products due to the introduction of a new article in the Council of Ministers' Pricing Decree.
By Beri̇l Yayla Sapan, Asena Aytug Keser
The Law amending the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Other Laws (the Amendment Law) was published in the Official Gazette 30361 and entered into force on 15 March 2018.
By Beri̇l Yayla Sapan, Pınar Ece Bi̇şki̇n
The Supreme Court recently issued a decision concerning an employee's dismissal for borrowing money from their employer's customer.
By Dicle Doğan
On 18 May 2018, the amendment (Turkish language) made on the "Law on the payment by the Ministry of Finance of accumulated unpaid debts to medical device companies arising from the purchase of drugs and medical devices by state university hospitals", was published in the Official Gazette numbered 30425.
By Begüm Yavuzdoğan Okumuş
In-vehicle emergency call systems, which have been in use for a long time, are defined as systems within vehicles activated either automatically or manually that establish a connection with 112 emergency call centers in cases of an emergency.
By Selin Sinem Erciyas
Regulatory data protection has been a contentious issue since it was introduced into Turkish law via the Ministry of Health Licensing Regulation.
By Beri̇l Yayla Sapan, Pınar Ece Bi̇şki̇n
Since 2012, individuals in Turkey have been able to make individual complaint applications to the Constitutional Court claiming that the state has violated their fundamental constitutional rights (or rights under the European Human Rights Convention) through its acts or omissions.
By Selin Sinem Erciyas
The new IP Law has abolished the Patent Decree-Law provisions regarding the use requirement of patents and evidence of use.
By Beri̇l Yayla Sapan, Asena Aytug Keser
The Labour Courts Act 7036, which came into effect on 25 October 2017, introduced a number of changes (eg, mandatory mediation) and amended the appeal procedure for labour disputes.
By Ozge Atilgan Karakulak, Aysel Korkmaz Yatkın
The Istanbul IP Court has recently decided on a generic company's damages claim based on an unjust preliminary injunction, in what appears to be the first decision of its kind ...
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