The Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region (TRT-MG) granted an appeal filed by an employee who was pregnant at the time of her dismissal. At the time, the employee was not aware of her pregnancy, but a test performed after her dismissal proved that she was eight or nine weeks' pregnant when the employment contract was terminated.

For the reporting judge Maria Raquel Ferraz Zagari Valentim, "the fact that the worker had no knowledge of her pregnancy at the termination of the employment contract does not exclude her right to stability, since this is not an exclusive warranty for pregnant women but a measure to ensure the welfare of the unborn child. So, it is only necessary the proof that the pregnancy was initiated at the time of the employment contract for entitlement of stability."

Thus, the Panel declared annulled the termination of the employment contract and determined the immediate readmittance of the worker.

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