Originally published in ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law – International Action Group: International IP Update    

Last August 8th, 2014, Silvia Rodrigues, General Coordinator of Trademarks from Brazilian PTO made an speech about the New Manual of Trademarks called "MarcasDoc", in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which should be available on the BPTO's website in approximately 3 weeks.

manual will bring several news about trademarks and will unify all the information with examples and details. The information should be unified between all examiners, so that it would help not to have so much inconsistent decisions and judgments, harmonizing the understanding between the 1st and 2nd instances of decisions.

Major topics:

  • It will no longer be issued Registration Certificates on paper. In approximately four weeks, it will be available Registration Certificates on line, digitally signed by the BPTO. There are around 65,000 Certificates delayed, but from the moment they start to be released, it will be available more quickly.
  • The BPTO will be hiring and training 27 more examiners by the end of 2014. In 2015, more hiring will occur.
  • The BPTO is reducing the backlog, and the goal is that the processes filed at the end of 2015 will be analyzed at least in 9-10 months.
  • The BPTO will accept any document to prove the priority required, including online official publication, once it has all the facts of the case.

More information about the major topics of the "ManualDoc" will be found on http://www.inpi.gov.br/portal/ in a few weeks. You can also check with us on http://www.guerraip.com

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