The Municipality of São Paulo has opened the Installment Payment Incentive Program 2014 (PPI-2014) in order to promote the regularization of tax and non-tax debts, officially reported or not, even if under judicial litigation, in relation to triggering events that happened until December 31, 2013. Debts consolidated in ongoing installment programs may also be included to PPI-2014, unless they come from a previous PPI or from REFIS.

Tax debts shall be reduced in 85% of interest and 75% of penalty, if paid at once. In case of payment in installments, reduction shall be of 60% and 50%, respectively.

Regarding non-tax debts with the municipality ("behavior penalties", such as urban silence infractions, lack of proper outer walls, sidewalk maintenance, etc.) there shall be a reduction of 85% to all fines in case of immediate full payment. If the debt is paid in installments, the reduction of all penalties shall be of 60%.

Taxpayers interested in solving such pendency must enroll for the program and select their outstanding debts though the internet, using the Senha Web system. The deadline for enrollment in PPI is June 19, 2015.

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