The Directorate of Ports and Coasts (DPC) published, on May 4, 2016, Ordinance no. 135 altering the Maritime Authority rules for traffic and stay of vessels in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters (NORMAN 08/DPC).

The focal point of review of referred NORMAN is the ships clearances routine.

The revised rule began to lay down that the validity of clearances for vessels employed in coastwise and offshore support navigations may be of up to 90 days, and no longer until the next port of call of the vessel. This measure will provide higher speed in the release of ships´ departure from the Brazilian ports.

During the validity of the Exit Pass per Period granted by the Clearance Authority (Órgão de Despacho - OD), the vessel employed in coastwise and offshore support navigations will be authorized to sail at any domestic port or waterway terminal, provided that at upon the vessel ´s arrival and departure the respective Entry and Departure Notices be sent to the Clearance Authority (Órgão de Despacho - OD) of the jurisdiction where the vessel is located.

The Exit Pass per Period will be automatically canceled should any pending issues be observed that prevent that the ship sails arising out of inspections conducted by the Maritime Authority, or that have not been remedied within the timeframe stipulated in the inspection report.

The ordinance also updates the NORMAN 08 in relation to the documentation to be presented on the occasion of the ships' clearances, taking into account aspects related to the Porto Sem Papel (Port without Paper) system.

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