The Federal Government had prepared to hold simultaneously auctions to grant the exploration of 29 terminals in the Ports of Santos and Belém.

Such auctions may only be held after the Federal Accounting Court (TCU) analyzes whether the concession is viable, including the terms of the invitation to bid.

In December 2013 the TCU approved the studies for the concession of the referred terminals, but imposed the implementation of 19 changes to the format of the auctions.

The Federal Government accepted 15 out of the 19 changes indicated by the TCU, but appealed with respect to the others. The processes then were reopened.

Since the reopening of the processes, in January 2013, the TCU Justices are requesting successively to see the records. So far four justices have used this prerogative.

As the appeals have not yet been voted, the technical and economic studies that subsidized the proposal of concession are lapsing. On April 15, 18 months had passed since their preparation. According to the TCU, it is not recommended to have tenders based on studies held more than 18 months ago.  

Such situation leaves the Federal Government in a very delicate situation, for there are several concession contracts in the referred ports that will soon expire and holding the bidding is essential to avoid a continuity solution.

The preparation of new technical studies demands long preparation time. On account of this, the Federal Government is afraid that there is not enough time to have a bidding process. 

TCU's Press Relations was questioned with respect to this situation, having then informed that they expect to conclude the judgment of the processes on time, but observed that the 18-month term is only a guidance, and that there have been concession processes whose studies had been made more than 18 months before.

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