The current control systematic of foreign trade operations in Brazil have situations of review of the RADAR in the Brazilian Customs Authority's initiative and by request from the authorized companies themselves, with significant consequences for the latter.

The customs authority is responsible for regularly verifying the registration status of both the company and its responsible employees, in accordance with the legal requirements for operating in foreign trade. Suspicions of false statements or submission of false or fraudulent documents; magnitude of economic activity incompatible with sub modality or with the estimate of the financial capacity of the company; and the identification and registration of documentary irregularities are common elements that lead to the initiation of a RADAR review process by the Brazilian Customs Authority.

In the review process, it will be necessary to regularize the pending issues or to submit documents or clarifications.

The identification of irregularities during the review process may lead to the cancellation of the company's RADAR and to the suspension of the registration of its legal responsible before the Customs Authority.

The authorized/licensed companies may request a review of the RADAR to modify the legal responsible employees before the Customs Authority and the financial capacity. This request for review is especially important for obtaining the Unlimited RADAR when the Limited RADAR is no longer sufficient for the company's necessity.

Due to a review, the Brazilian Customs Authority may impose several sanctions to the company if irregularities are verified.

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