According to Circular No. 3795 edited by Central Bank of Brazil, the Annual Foreign Capital Census related to base date of December 31, 2016, shall be presented up to August 15, 2017 at 6pm, being mandatory for:

  • corporate entities or investment funds with foreign capital and Net Equity equal or higher to the equivalent to one hundred million American dollars (US$ 100,000,000.00) in the respective base date, and
  • corporate entities bearing short term commercial debts before non-residents in an amount equal or higher to the equivalent of ten million American dollars (US$ 10,000,000.00), in the respective base data.

The non-presentation or the late submission of the Census' information to the Central Bank of Brazil, or the presentation of fake or incomplete information, could subject the corporate entities and investment funds to penalties in accordance with the Resolution no. 4104/2012 of National Monetary Council.

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