The Goiana Municipality is located in the North Forest Zone, about 60Km from Recife and 50 km from João Pessoa, Paraíba. Located out of the metropolitan area of these two capitals, but in a strategic location, Goiana has shown itself as great promise for the Northeast Zone economy, which owns some specific poles of development.

Led by Hemobrás (Brazilian Company of Blood Products and Biotechnology), the pharmochemical polo has a project that also includes the installation of other 10 industries focusing on manufacturing of drugs, cosmetics, hydrogen and nitrogen, as well as logistics.

The other highlighted pole in the area is the automotive pole. The main industry is an automotive manufacturer with structure of approx. 260,000m² launched recently with tiers, tires, mats/isolation of vehicle seats\' manufacturers, among others intrinsically linked to the production process of vehicles.

Also highlighted, we have the glassmaker pole, and the first company started its operations in January, 2015. The project includes the installation of other six companies in the industry, among them glass manufacturers, as well as frames and companies involved in the screening process.

For the investments mentioned above, companies have been using several incentives offered by the government. In the federal scope, we have the incentive granted to technological innovation with legal foundation has its provision in the Federal Law No. 11.196/2005 .

In addition to the incentives mentioned above, there are also other programs administered by the State Government as PRODEAUTO (Program for the Automotive Industry Development of the State of Pernambuco), as its own name suggests, directed to the development of the automotive industry; PRODINPE (Program for the Naval Industry and Heavy Mechanics Development of the State of Pernambuco), more targeted to investment of SUAPE area; and finally, PRODEPE (Program for Development of the State of Pernambuco), with a broader focus.

It is also worth it to record the benefits granted at the local scope, as the ISS reduction for hotel enterprises (for a period of 05 years after operation), as well as other property tax reduction of ISSQN and IPTU , more targeted to small businesses or micro-enterprises.

It is always worth it to remember that caution regarding the acquisition and enjoyment of tax incentives, edited unilaterally by the States, is recommended since we have a risk of constitutional questioning on these incentives; in this regard, it is worth it to mention the proposal of Precedent Binding (No. 69) that is being processed by the Supreme Court nowadays.

It is known that the existence of several incentives granted, especially those from the State Government, makes Goiana an attractive destination for investments in the segments highlighted above. Even the current economic scenario showing itself as conservative (and unquestionably decelerated if compared to the rhythm existing now), considering all commitment of authorities to develop the area, Goiana remains an important destination in the Northeast area when it comes to implementation of new businesses.


1. "Establishes the Special Taxation Regime for the Platform of IT Services Export - REPES, the Special Regime of Goods Acquisition for Exporting Companies - RECAP and the Digital Inclusion Program; it provides information on tax incentives for technological innovation;..."
Taxes on services of any nature.
Building and Urban Land Tax.

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