Cyber-security is undoubtedly a "hot-topic" in Brazil at the moment, even if the efforts to adopt a binding and more harmonized regulatory framework have not been successful so far.

The Brazilian institutional and regulatory framework on cyber-defense is quite dispersed: many different bodies are involved and several texts of "soft law" have been adopted. However, thus far, a binding legal framework on cyber-warfare and cyber-security does not exist. 

The Brazilian framework on cyber-security is still evolving, being characterized by conflicting lines of accountability among the institutions involved, in addition to a certain lack of coordination between them.

This study seeks to set forth a general approach regarding cyber-defense, cyber-security and cyber-warfare in Brazil.

Throughout this document, the main players of the sector will be presented, as well as the most important documents and guidelines of the matter. The intention is to improve awareness on cyber-security, thus contributing to a qualitative debate on the theme.

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