On February 16th 2016, the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency published Ordinance No. 291/2016 with regard to the classification of public civil aerodromes.

The Ordinance Annex classifies airports according to the type of air service in operation and number of passengers, namely: AP-0, AP-1, AP-2 and AP-3. The document is available at: http://www2.anac.gov.br/.

The public civil aerodromes not listed in the Annex are classified under the AD Class, which refers to civil aerodromes not classified as airport fee collectors.

The list included in the Annex presents 91 (ninety one) AP-0, 72 (seventy two) AP-1, 24 (twenty four) AP-2 and 12 (twelve) AP-3. Ordinance No. 291/2016 entered into force on the date of its publication.

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