"Best in Show Award" Underscores Austria's Emergence as Information Technology Leader

The value of Austria's national network of high-tech research centers - and its emergence as a European center of excellence in information technology - was demonstrated again this spring as an international panel of experts recognized HyperWave, developed at Graz's Joanneum Research center and Technical University.

HyperWave, an information management system for the Internet, was named Best in Show over nearly 6800 competitors at the CeBIT technology trade fair in Hannover, Germany. In awarding the prize, the editor of the renowned computer publication Byte noted its value in solving numerous problems related to electronic publishing on the Internet and over international networks."

Obviously, the business world agrees. The developers, marketing the technology through their own company, HyperWave Information Management, are already executing an ATS 100 million ($9.2 million) contract with the Japan conglomerate Sumitomo's electronics division.

For more information on the HyperWave technology, contact Joanneum Research at +43 316 8760 or Professor Hermann Maurer at +43 316 873 56 12.

Visit Austrian Business Agency's website at http://www.telecom.at/AustrianBusinessInfo or enter a text search 'Austrian Business Agency' and 'Business Monitor'.

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