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Queensland's Container Refund Scheme will commence on 1 November 2018, with 230 depots opening across the state.


Monitor our updates for developments on the scheme.

The State government has announced its Container Refund Scheme will start on 1 November, following the release of the Implementing Queensland's Container Refund Scheme Discussion Paper last year.

The Container Refund Scheme, which aims to encourage recycling and reduce plastic waste in line with the government's waste strategy, will see Queenslanders receive a 10 cent refund per eligible drink container returned.

Initially, 230 refund outlets will be available across the State, with further outlets expected to later open. The locations of the initial outlets are subject to an ongoing tender selection process.The Government has not released details on the selection criteria.

The outlets are expected to include permanent depot-style points, bag drops and reverse vending machines. Remote and regional areas will be managed with mobile and pop-up refund points.Community groups, schools and charities will be eligible to host mobile collection points.The Government has indicated that the organisations will be able to retain the 10 cent refund per container.These organisations will be required to enter into container collection agreements.

A proposed list of eligible containers has been released, which includes most aluminium, steel, glass, plastic and paperboard containers between 150ML and 3L.

The Container Refund Scheme will be funded via a surcharge on beverage manufactures and will be run by not-for-profit group Container Exchange (CoEx).

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