U.S. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. delivered an online address at his son's high school in May 2020, telling those graduating during the coronavirus pandemic that they will be tested by a "precarious" period and that "the pandemic has pierced our illusion of certainty and control."

Roberts said to the class of 2020, "this graduation season is not what you anticipated. I'm not talking about missed ceremonies or parties. I'm talking about the level of uncertainty you face at this important time of transition. I think the pandemic is the world's way of saying to mankind, 'You're not in charge.'"

That is an important lesson not only for our students but also for school governors, leaders and teachers.

In these Education Law Notes, we deal with a couple of issues where it is easy to feel out of control. First, we provide some tips for dealing with contractual disputes arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Second, we look at a recent UK case which has us wondering whether there is any limit to a school's liability.

We have also included an update on the National Redress Scheme and a reminder that the time for joining is almost over.

Enjoy the read and the upcoming winter break! For those who have been working so hard in our schools during this incredibly difficult period, you certainly deserve it.

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