SON destroys =N=21.4m fake goods

Imported sub-standard products conservatively valued at =N=21.4 million were impounded and destroyed by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) last year.

The products which could have passed to final consumers as original and paid for at exorbitant prices, were destroyed in five exercises carried out between June and December last year.

Such sub-standard products included Tungsten filament lamps, electric frosted bulbs, used tyres, pressing irons, electric cables and fruit juices.

SON also hinted that importers of inferior products may henceforth face the Miscellaneous Offences Tribunal as against the regular court.


  • ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATES: The issuance of registration and renewal certificates has been delegated by the Registrar of Trade Marks to his senior assistant registrars, as from June 21 1996 (Last year). Before then, the Registrar himself approved all certificates for signature. This move ought to speed up the registration and renewal of certificates.
  • PUBLICATIONS: The Registrar of the Trade Marks Registry recently issued a directive to the effect that all trademarks of less than one year are not to be tabled for publication until the expiration of one year after receiving a letter of acceptance. This of course is due to the huge back log of pending applications.
  • PARIS CONVENTION APPLICATIONS: Recently a number of applications were advertised in the Official Trademarks Journal of October 30, 1995 and April 8, 1996 as Convention Applications. Previously the Nigerian Trademarks Registry had not been accepting Convention Applications. It is still not certain whether these Trademarks will be registered on the basis of Convention Applications.


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