Austria is known worldwide for the quality and productivity of its workforce. Now the World Competitiveness Yearbook 1997 puts hard numbers behind that reputation, ranking Austria second among EU nations in worker motivation, just behind Denmark and well ahead of Germany, a leading rival in attracting foreign capital. Austrian firms outpace all other EU nations in executing Total Quality Management as a company philosophy. And Austria's products also rate well, claiming fifth place in a ranking of the relationship between price and quality, again ahead of Germany.

A number of multinational firms are moving to capitalize on these advantages. Sony DADC Salzburg, the world's largest CD facility, has earned a place near the top of the list among Europe's 100 CD producers in productivity. "Our whole team stands 100 percent behind the company," explains Sony Austria.

Siemens Austria chief Hochleitner also values the expertise and high motivation of the work force in its Villach facility, the largest chip producer for the heralded German-based multinational electronics firm: "Our 200-member team embodies 20,000 worker-years of immense know-how.


Denmark          6.78
Austria          6.74
Sweden           6.44
Netherlands      6.26
Finland          6.04
Ireland          5.89
Belgium          5.79
Germany          5.78
Great Britain    5.67
France           4.88
Spain            4.59
Italy            4.38

High Worker Motivation: Workers identify with company goals (on a scale of 1-8) (Source: The World Competitiveness Yearbook 1997)

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