Understanding US Citizenship Renunciation: What Lawyers Need to Know to Optimize Client Advocacy

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21 Feb 2024 | 5:00 PM UTC
1 hour
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If you’re a lawyer practicing outside the US, there is a straightforward question you must always address with every single one of your clients: are they American citizens or Green Card holders? But simply asking this short and fundamental question is not always enough. Many clients are US citizens or Green Card holders without knowing it and are subject to worldwide taxation by the IRS.

It is critical to ask them the right questions and know what to do with that information. Important follow-ups include where they were born, if one of their parents is/was an American citizen, the residency dates of their US parent(s) (thus potentially making them an American) if they’ve ever had a US Green Card and more.

In the thousands of US citizenship renunciation and Green Card termination files I have handled over the last decade, most professionals are either unaware of their client’s potential US citizenship, or worse, they are aware and turn a blind eye to the issue. This can lead to severe and irreversible US tax and legal consequences. 

A 360-degree view of the issues is required on both sides of the border. In many instances, renouncing the proper way can provide opportunities to preserve wealth among multiple generations. In addition, it takes the handcuffs off lawyers and financial planners outside the US. Thorough and careful planning is required to ensure that your client avoids the many potential pitfalls.

This webinar will outline the US citizenship renunciation process and help you understand what information you need to gather from every existing, new, or prospective client before it’s too late.

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Understanding US Citizenship Renunciation: What Lawyers Need to Know to Optimize Client Advocacy


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