12 December 2023

Forbes: Don't Get Hacked. The Increased Risk Of Cyber-threats And How Family Offices Can Protect Themselves

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Tobias Jaeger, Founder & CEO of Falcone International, recently shared his expert insight in a Forbes article authored by Senior Contributor and &Simple CEO Francois Botha.
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Forbes article highlights importance of family offices preparing against all cyber-threats

Tobias Jaeger, Founder & CEO of Falcone International, recently shared his expert insight in a Forbes article authored by Senior Contributor and &Simple CEO Francois Botha. Titled "Don't Get Hacked. The Increased Risk Of Cyber-Threats And How Family Offices Can Protect Themselves," the piece provides an in-depth exploration of the cybersecurity landscape facing family offices in the digital age.

Jaeger's contribution to the discussion is grounded in his extensive experience in global risk management. He provides a nuanced understanding of the unique operational characteristics of family offices, elaborating on how these factors can inadvertently create opportunities for cyberattackers.

Joining other industry experts, including Muralidhran Nadarajah of Eton Solutions and Tony Gebely of Annapurna, Jaeger underscores the critical need for proactive and comprehensive security measures. He advocates for regular vulnerability assessments, the implementation of secure systems, and the ongoing monitoring of security frameworks.

In his comments, Jaeger emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of preventative measures when compared to the potential financial and reputational impact of a cyber breach. His insights not only highlight the seriousness of the issue at hand, but also the commitment of Falcone International to assist family offices in bolstering their cybersecurity and physical world defenses.

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Originally published July 6, 2023

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