17 April 2024

Welcoming New Talent: A Start-Up's Journey From Turkiye To Canada

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In 2023, a team of four dedicated Turkish entrepreneurs approached us with a vision: they wanted to expand their start-up to Canada through business immigration.
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In 2023, a team of four dedicated Turkish entrepreneurs approached us with a vision: they wanted to expand their start-up to Canada through business immigration. Their company, established in Turkiye in 2021, had already begun making waves in the industry with their innovative manufacturing equipment and software, capable of enhancing manufacturing activities through automation and connectivity.

They had done their groundwork and tested the North American market, getting early success and securing a large Canadian client. It was clear they were ready for the next big step, but the journey ahead had its share of unknowns.

Facing Challenges

Transitioning to the Canadian market was no small feat. Success in Turkiye didn't automatically translate to success in Canada. They recognized the need to adapt their business to North American standards, which presented new challenges. They had the expertise and the drive but needed help navigating the Canadian business landscape and the complexities of the Start-Up Visa Program.

The Clients needed help approaching and selecting the right Canadian incubator or designated organization to back their venture. They needed guidance refining their pitch and understanding the best way to present their innovative solutions to attract the necessary support and investment to thrive in a competitive market.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

Our role was to be their sounding board, advisors, and, at times, their cheerleaders. We started with what they knew best: their business. We delved deep into their strengths, the competitive landscape, and how they succeeded in landing their first Canadian client. Our team helped refine their pitch deck and business plan, enhancing it to capture the attention and support of the most suitable Canadian incubators. The aim was always to find the best fit—a place where they could grow roots and flourish.

Pitching to incubators is an art, and we ensured our clients were well-prepared. We supported them in shortlisting designated organizations, not just to find any partner but to find the right fit that would add the most value to their venture. We stood by them during the pitching interviews, offering support and reassurance. When it came time to secure support from a designated organization, we were there to help the clients through the due diligence process, ensuring that every step was solid.

Their hard work, combined with our guidance, led to securing support from a designated organization.

We then prepared and submitted applications for permanent residence for all four founding members and work permit applications for three so they could come to Canada and begin working on their project.

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A New Chapter in Canada

Now that the team has secured their place in Canada, they stand at the beginning of a new chapter. It's not just a milestone for them but for us too. It's the start of a journey we'll continue together as they strive to enrol more clients and build their start-up's revenue stream.

We're here to support them, offering not just legal advice but a partnership as they navigate this new chapter.

Reflections and Insights

If there's one lesson to be drawn from this experience, it's that even the most innovative and successful businesses can benefit from guidance when entering a new market. Finding the proper support, understanding a different business culture, and navigating through the Start-up Visa Program can be complex, but it's a road we've travelled before.

We're more than legal advisors; we're advocates for dreams and ambitions. Seeing our clients thrive and contribute to Canada's economy is deeply gratifying.

A Warm Thank You

The email we received from the team after they arrived in Canada was a reminder of why we do what we do:

"Dear Sobirovs Team,

We have begun to reap the fruits of the work we started nearly a year ago. You believed in us and provided tremendous support along this journey. My partners and I will never forget this.

One of the most important turning points in our lives has officially begun. We will make you proud, and we will always remember you with our achievements in this beautiful country.

We are grateful for your sincerity, professionalism, determination, and trust in us."

For those looking to make their mark in Canada, remember that the path may be challenging, but it's one we can walk together. Our commitment is to be honest, competent, and caring.

Let's be friends! It is better together.

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