7 November 2023

YSpace: A Gateway For Global Innovators To Canada's Startup Visa Program

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Canada has always been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With its welcoming environment and many opportunities, it's no wonder that many foreign entrepreneurs...
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Canada has always been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With its welcoming environment and many opportunities, it's no wonder that many foreign entrepreneurs are looking to bring their innovative ideas to this country. One such gateway for these global innovators is YSpace, York University's innovation hub.

What is YSpace at York University?

YSpace is part of York University, one of the largest academic institutions in Ontario. While it provides services to students and alums of the university, its reach extends beyond the academic realm. YSpace supports entrepreneurs nationwide and globally, irrespective of their affiliation with York University.

David Kwok, the Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at YSpace, emphasizes the hub's diverse range of programs. From technology-focused initiatives to those centred around food and beverage, women entrepreneurship, black entrepreneurship, and more, YSpace has something for everyone. Their newest addition targets international entrepreneurs, aiding them in understanding the Canadian market and leveraging the resources available.

Grow your start-up in Canada

Canada's Start-up Visa Program Overview

TheStart-Up Visa (SUV) program is a unique pathway that allows foreign entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residence in Canada through business immigration. It's tailored for owners of innovative start-ups or established foreign companies who are keen on relocating to Canada. Impressively, the program can accommodate up to five founding partners, provided they meet its stringent requirements.

Besides partners within the start-up, it is essential to establish the right partnership with service providers and business incubators in Canada, such as Sobirovs Law Firm and YSpace.

Eligibility for the SUV Program

To be eligible for the SUV program, up to 5 foreign entrepreneurs must:

  • Secure a Letter of Support or investment commitment from one of the Designated Organizations in Canada, like YSpace.
  • Own at least 10% of the start-up's shares.
  • Ensure that, in collaboration with their Designated Organization (DO), they jointly hold more than 50% of the total voting rights in the start-up venture if the DO takes stakes in the start-up. YSpace does not take shares in the start-ups it incubates.
  • Satisfy the minimum language proficiency in either English or French, pegged at CLB level 5.
  • Possess adequate funds to settle in Canada, which can range from $12,960 – $34,299, contingent on the family size of each start-up founder.

YSpace and the Start-up Visa Program

For international entrepreneurs eyeing the Canadian market, YSpace's Start-up Visa Program is a boon. The program is divided into two stages:

  • Blueprint: A six-week educational program where entrepreneurs attend workshops, mentorship sessions, and peer-to-peer interactions. The primary goal is to validate the feasibility of their business idea in the Canadian context.
  • Launchpad: Post validation, entrepreneurs move to this year-long program. Here, they receive weekly mentorships and coaching, focusing on the tactical aspects of growing and sustaining their business in Canada.

David likens the YSpace team to a "silent co-founder" during the Launchpad phase, emphasizing their commitment to the success of the entrepreneurs.

How to Join the Start-up Visa Program at YSpace?

The process is straightforward:

  1. Visit the YSpace website and apply.
  2. The YSpace team reviews the application and sets up a one-on-one meeting.
  3. After the meeting, selected applicants pitch their ideas to a panel.
  4. Successful pitches lead to the Blueprint program, followed by the Launchpad.
  5. The investment for the entire program is CAD 30,000, with CAD 10,000 for the Blueprint and CAD 20,000 for the Launchpad.

Why YSpace?

YSpace is not just about business; it's about the people behind the business. The team values the founders and their adaptability to feedback, ensuring they are equipped to handle the challenges of the entrepreneurial world.

Moreover, YSpace is industry-agnostic. Whether you're in AR/VR, AI, autonomous vehicles, or any other sector, YSpace has the resources and mentors to guide you.

Finally, YSpace is a Canadian incubator that thinks and acts globally. Through Canada's SUV program, the incubator is a welcoming platform for international entrepreneurs who have innovative, scalable ideas that can make the Canada brand more competitive.

Potential Challenges of the SUV Program

While the SUV program offers numerous advantages, potential applicants should be aware of some challenges:

  • Intense competition to secure support from designated organizations. YSpace is open to evaluating your start-up's readiness and giving feedback for improvement.
  • Potential for lengthy processing times to achieve permanent residence status. Canadian authorities will be doing their best to resolve this issue soon.
  • The necessity for a robust, viable, and scalable business model with a proven track record. That's when YSpace's Blueprint and Launchpad program comes into play to help foreign entrepreneurs take their start-ups to the next level.

YSpace's Role in the SUV Program

YSpace, being a designated organization, plays a pivotal role in the SUV program.

Entrepreneurs looking to leverage this program can:

  • Prepare and submit their Pitch Deck or Business Plan to YSpace for evaluation.
  • Engage in an in-depth interview process with YSpace to assess the viability of their start-up.
  • Upon successful evaluation, enter into an agreement with YSpace and move forward in their entrepreneurial journey in Canada.


For foreign innovators aiming to make a mark in Canada, YSpace is more than just an incubator; it's a partner in their entrepreneurial journey. With its comprehensive programs, expert mentors, and commitment to success, YSpace stands out as a top choice for global entrepreneurs keen on the Canadian market through the SUV program. For more information, contact YSpace or reach out to them on their social media channels.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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