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Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Deris has 103 years of history in the establishment of IP rights and the protection and enforcement of such rights. The firms’ activities in both fields date back to 1912, when the law office when it was founded. Deris consists of two legal entities, namely Deris Patents &Trademarks Agency A.S. which counsels, files, prosecutes, registers and manages IP rights worldwide, and Deris Attorneys-At-Law Partnership, which provides legal counsel, assistance in contentious and non-contentious matters and representation before civil and commercial courts. These two entities operate together and feed each other to address the client’s needs and requirements in the most confidential, effective and cost efficient way.

The firm has established an alliance with SEDIN S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland, which resulted in a working relationship of over 30 years for securing, maintaining and defending IP rights.

Deris is a one-stop shop for IP services with one of the largest and internationally regarded IP prosecution and advisory team. We have been the pioneer in shaping the IP landscape by obtaining the precedent decisions and participating the preparation of the IP legislation upon the invitation of the legislative bodies. We provide a wide spectrum of high-quality services that are essential for securing, maintaining and enforcing IP rights.
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