Unicase team provides full support during the registration of the company in Kazakhstan through preparation of necessary documents, assistance with the governmental agencies on the process of registration and other issues.

Registration Process

A statutory prescribed process with defined requirements for document drafting, deadlines for filings and other requirements which, in case of violation, can result refusal in of registration. It includes several steps necessary for successful registration, which include:

Step 1: Preparation for registration process

Step 2: Obtaining Individual identification number (IIN) for the director (if applicable)

Step 3: Draft of necessary documents

Step 4: Filling for registration


For registration of a legal entity, you should determine:

  • Form of organisation (LLP, JSC, Branch, Representative office);
  • Name of the company;
  • Type of activity and select GCEA (OKED) for it; Address of registration;
  • Director of the company;
  • Category of entrepreneurship;
  • Amount of the authorised charter capital.

The category of entrepreneurship



Obtaining an Individual identification number (IIN) for the director (if applicable).

If the director is not a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he/she needs to obtain an IIN in order to be appointed to the position of director.

In order to obtain IIN, it is required to submit the following documents to NJSC "State Corporation" "Government for Citizens":

  • a notarised, legalised (apostilled) passport of the person appointed to the position of the director (translated into Russian or Kazakh language);
  • the Power of Attorney to obtain IIN.

IIN certificate is provided within 2-3 business days from the documents' submission date.


To register a legal entity for a foreign citizen, it is necessary to obtain a Category C5 visa, widely known as the "business-immigrant visa." According to the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty, this requirement does not apply to members of this union.

For all other foreign citizens, it is necessary to obtain a visa before opening a legal entity and engaging in entrepreneurial activities.


The standard registration procedure begins with a Resolution or Minutes of the General Meeting on registration of the company indicated in the manner prescribed by law. The following documents shall be prepared and passed:

  • Application for registration in the established state form;
  • Resolution/Minutes on registration of the company;
  • PoA for Unicase lawyers to perform all required steps for registration Charter (or Regulations) of the company;
  • Passport/ID card of the director/IIN of the director;
  • Charter of the head (founder) company or other foundation document (if applicable);
  • Extract from the trade register of the head (founder) company (if applicable);
  • Tax extract of the head (founder) company (if applicable);
  • License of the head (founder) company (if registering company activity is licensed); State duty receipt.

When will the registration be completed, and how long does the registration of the company take?

Registration of the company will be completed from 2 to 10 business days after submission of the documents to the registration authority by including the company in the state database and issuing a Business/ Tax Identification Number for the company.

In practice, the registration period takes approximately 1 up to 2 months or more, depending on the efficiency of each person/company/state authority involved.


Trust the Unicase Team for seamless company registration in Kazakhstan. We provide full support, including document preparation, assistance with governmental agencies, and resolution of registration-related issues.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.