18 April 2023

Ghana Work Visa – This Is How To Get It

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Ghana work visa is what you need to enable you live and work in Ghana. This is a simplified guide showing you how to get it.
Ghana Immigration
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Ghana work visa is what you need to enable you live and work in Ghana. This is a simplified guide showing you how to get it.

The term 'work visa' is used by several countries but in Ghana we call it 'work and residence permit'. In the other words, work visa is the same as work and residence permit in Ghana.

A person can get only get a work visa if he/she has an employer in Ghana or is ready to establish his/her own business in Ghana.

You cannot have residence permit without a work visa if your intention is to work in Ghana. Both the work and residence permit are issued together.

Only dependents of persons holding work visas qualify for residence permits.

Ghana Immigration Act 573, 2000 section 12 states that;

  1. A person who has been lawfully admitted entry into Ghana, may upon an application to the Director in the prescribed manner, be issued with a residence permit.
  2. The Director may grant residence permit for up to a period not exceeding eight years, except that, a residence permit shall not be for more than four years in the first instance.

What is a Work Visa?

A work visa is an approval granted by the Comptroller General of Ghana Immigration Service for the employment of foreign nationals specifying the number and description of persons authorized to be employed. Foreign nationals wishing to live and work in Ghana require work visa.

Corporate bodies and other institutions that wish to employ foreigners may obtain Immigrant Quota from the Ministry of the Interior, or take advantage of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center or Free Zones Board Quota issued as an incentive for foreign direct investments.

Requirements for Work Visa

  1. Complete work visa permit form
  2. Application letter on company's letterhead
  3. Letter of employment / Employment Contract
  4. Attach two (2) recent passport pictures
  5. Copy of Non-Citizen ID Card
  6. Original Passport applicant
  7. Bio data page of passport of applicant
  8. Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  9. Educational and Professional Certificates
  10. Copy of valid National ID for person making the application (Ghanaian) or copy of Passport & work visa (Foreigner National)
  11. Police Clearance Report from home country
  12. Current Company Tax Clearance Certificate (for existing companies)
  13. Medical Report from Ghana Immigration Service Clinic
  14. Business Registration Documents - certificate of incorporation, company regulations, form 3&4

Work Visa Application Process

To secure a work visa in Ghana, the key requirement is to have an employment contract with a Ghana registered company or be ready to establish your own business in Ghana.

Assuming you have employment or you have your own company in Ghana, below is the process you need to follow to apply for your work visa.

First of all, you need submit your application to GIS after completing the work visa forms and attaching the required documents as indicated above. Before submitting the application, the applicant should have done their non-citizen ID card and medical screening - all to be done at GIS Head Office. You will need your passport to complete this process. The cost for the non-citizen ID card is $120. Complete the non-citizen card forms and proceed to do finger print scanning at same place. It usually takes two (2) to three (3) working days to get the non-citizen card.

The medical screening is also done at the GIS clinic, located at GIS Head Office. After paying the appropriate fees ($200 for a new permit or $110 for a renewal permit). A nurse will take your blood sample, check your weight, height and blood pressure, after you will see the doctor. It usually takes two (2) working days to get your medical report, which will be sent to the work visa office. The medical screening is done to check if you are fit to work.

The next step after getting the receipts for both the medical screening and non-citizen card, is to proceed directly to pay the statutory fees for the work visa ($500 for Ecowas nationals, $1,000 for other nationals and $300 for those on quota) at the GIS bank.

Do not forget to take a retention slip from GIS. The retention slip shows that you have submitted your application including your passport to GIS and they are working on it. On the slip, it will clearly state, the name of applicant, name of company, date of submission and the date you should check on your application.

Lastly, after paying the appropriate fees, the visa application will be vetted, approved, issued accordingly. The work visa approval comes in the form of a letter. Once your work visa is approved, the next step is the processing of your residence permit. The residence permit will be issued in the passport of the applicant after it has been approved.

Upon completion of all the processes, you will receive your work visa approval letter and residence permit in your passport.


Who needs a Work Visa?

Foreign Nationals wishing to live and work in Ghana require a work visa and it's granted to people above eighteen (18 years old).

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • An investor
  • An employee of an organization

Does Ecowas Citizens Need Work Visa?

Yes, all ECOWAS and African nationals need a work visa to be able to live and work in Ghana. Work visa is not the same as an entry visa. Hence, even though ECOWAS nationals do not need entry visa to enter Ghana, they however need a work visa to work in Ghana.

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