Indian Insolvency and Bankruptcy - A Medley of Rights

Agama Law Associates
Date & Time
12 Sep 2024 | 10:30 AM UTC
1 hour
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Is your business facing financial challenges? Are you a creditor unsure of your rights?

This informative webinar unpacks the evolving world of Indian Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). Join Agama Law Associates and a distinguished expert panel for a deep dive into critical topics:

  • The IBC's Impact on Indian Markets: How is the IBC transforming the business landscape?
  • A Balanced View: IBC's Implementation - Boon or Bane for Creditors and Debtors?
  • Expanding Horizons: The Growing Scope of IBC
  • Operational Creditors: Reclaiming What's Rightfully Yours
  • Debtor's Redemption: Can the IBC Offer a Second Chance?
  • Navigating the Process: The Role and Limitations of Resolution Professionals
  • The Ecosystem in Action: How Does the Moratorium Impact Businesses?

Don't miss the live Q&A session! Get your questions answered and gain practical strategies to leverage the IBC for successful restructuring, litigation, and achieving favorable outcomes.

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Indian Insolvency and Bankruptcy - A Medley of Rights


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