Date: 2 June 2021
Time: 11:00 AM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Format: Online
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Europe: Regulating AI in the EU

Do you remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? Did you notice that video streaming platforms' recommender systems suggest videos that entice you to spend more and more time on their platforms? Have you already driven or seen a (partially) automated vehicle? What do these examples have in common? All are based on AI systems that have certain advantages, but also important disadvantages. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) constantly finds new applications in our daily lives and this is not without far going positive, but also negative consequences. Therefore, AI has caught the attention of lawmakers. The European Commission has published the long awaited Proposal for a Regulation of Artificial Intelligence on 21 April 2021. This Proposal aims to regulate AI and thus the examples provided above.

In this seminar, LYDIAN will explain briefly what AI is, what AI techniques exist by providing existing use-cases and what legal instruments already apply to AI. Then, LYDIAN will look into the Proposal for a Regulation of Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission. This Proposal is risk-based and distinguishes different categories of AI to whom different obligations apply. LYDIAN will define these categories and obligations and provide real-life examples. LYDIAN will also discuss the innovation stimulating measures, the Proposal contains and the sanctions. To conclude, LYDIAN will discuss the extra-territoriality of the Proposal and the precursor role of the EU in the world not only in personal data protection (GDPR), but also in AI.

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Bastiaan Bruyndonckx

Bastiaan Bruyndonckx is a partner at Belgian law firm LYDIAN, heading the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and the Information Governance & Data Protection (Privacy) practices. He specialises in all aspects of ICT law, with a particular focus on information governance, privacy, data, AI, technology, outsourcing, telecom and e-commerce.

Bastiaan graduated in 1994 with a law degree from the Catholic University of Leuven. He holds an LL.M. degree from the University of Chicago Law School (1996). He holds additional certifications from Vlerick Business School (Negotiation), London School of Economics (Data: Law, Policy and Regulation) and Oxford University (Artificial Intelligence Programme).

Pauline Hellemans

Pauline Hellemans is an associate at the Belgian law firm LYDIAN in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Information Governance & Data Protection (Privacy) and Intellectual Property (IP) practices. She is also a researcher at the Centre for IT & IP Law at the KU Leuven where she specialises in data protection.
Pauline graduated in 2018 with a law degree from the UCLouvain. She is currently finishing the LL.M. in IP and ICT law (2019-2021) at the KU Leuven where she is writing her master thesis on machine learning and the accuracy principle in data protection.

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