IOSCO requested feedback on proposed recommendations for sustainability-related asset management practices. In the consultation report, IOSCO recommended that securities regulators:

  • set regulatory and supervisory expectations for asset managers as to sustainability-related practices and related disclosures;
  • improve product-level disclosure by expanding on existing regulatory requirements or creating new ones;
  • have supervisory and enforcement tools to ensure compliance by asset managers and to address breaches;
  • encourage the development of common sustainable finance-related terms and definitions; and
  • promote sustainability-related investor education initiatives.

Additionally, in a final report on corporate issuers' sustainability-related disclosures, IOSCO outlined its Sustainable Finance Task Force's next steps. Among them are:

  • monitoring the International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS") Foundation's work towards the establishment of the International Sustainability Standards Board ("ISSB");
  • (i) "considering market acceptance of the ISSB's future standards" and (ii) "setting a pathway for the ISSB's sustainability reporting standards to serve as the baseline for consistent and comparable approaches to mandatory sustainability-related disclosures across jurisdictions, in light of domestic legal frameworks";
  • influencing the development of an audit and assurance framework for corporate sustainability-related disclosures; and
  • overseeing the transition to the "steady state" for IFRS sustainability-related financial reporting standards, including the expansion of the scope of the ISSB's standards beyond climate change.

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