On December 14, the FCC voted to repeal the net neutrality regulations brought about by the 2015 Open Internet Order. The FCC has now replaced that framework with the Declaratory Ruling, Report and Order called Restoring Internet Freedom.

While opponents of these new regulations argue that they do anything but restore internet freedom, the FCC maintains that it is restoring the framework that fostered rapid internet growth, openness, and freedom for nearly two decades.

In a news release, the FCC outlined several changes implemented by the new framework, including the re-classification of broadband internet access service as an "information service" under Title I of the Communications Act and the restoration of jurisdiction to the FTC to act when broadband providers engage in anticompetitive, unfair, or deceptive acts or practices. Additionally, broadband providers have "robust transparency requirements" and must disclose their network management practices, performance, and commercial terms of service.

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