The Washington Post reported reasons to restrict use of smartphones from a German child psychology expert and adviser "Just as we protect children from alcohol or other drugs, we should also protect them from the risks of using smartphones at too early an age..." The February 15, 2019 article entitled "A German government adviser recommends a ban on smartphones for children younger than 14" included these comments regarding recent legislation in France:

... barring young students from taking their smartphones and tablets to school, or at least requiring them to keep the devices powered off while in class. The French officials who supported the rules characterized the restrictions as a way to prevent children from forming addictive habits and to protect the integrity of the classroom.

Also the reported these comments about reading habits:

According to a recent study published by the American Psychological Association, smartphones and social media are altering young people's reading habits, which may influence their critical thinking. American adolescents spend hours each day on their devices instead of reading magazines or books, according to an analysis of historical data on young people's media consumption. Sixty percent of high school seniors said they read a book, magazine or newspaper every day in the 1970s, compared with just 16 percent of seniors in 2016.

This is very thought provoking...what do you think?

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