This month, we are pleased to feature a podcast with Mintz corporate attorney Ben Stone and Solstice co-founders Steph Speirs and Sandhya Murali. Solstice, a start-up company that strives to increase solar energy accessibility throughout the United States, is entering its fifth year in the solar energy industry. With a mission-driven team dedicated to protecting our planet, Solstice has helped people save thousands of dollars while converting their homes to renewable energy. The innovative approach to solar energy attainability has provided the energy community with a new glimpse at the crossroads between technology, advocacy and accessibility.

Ben Stone covers an array of topics in his discussion with Speirs and Murali, touching upon their journey into the entrepreneurial world and their experiences as female leaders of a start-up company. As Solstice has introduced many changes to the solar energy field, Speirs and Murali have relied upon their guiding values and innovative partnerships to navigate the many challenges and opportunities that have arisen.

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