At this week's City of Miami Commission meeting, the City of Miami adopted a series of important amendments to the Miami 21 Zoning Code. These amendments specifically impact the Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD-1) overlay area. The boundaries of the Wynwood NRD-1 area are depicted in the map to the right. The amendments were introduced to foster medium-scale development and promote the transition of Wynwood from an industrial district into a diverse, mixed-use residential neighborhood.

Included in those amendments were regulatory changes related to use, parking, height, and review process. More particularly, the following is a summary of the significant amendments included in the Wynwood NRD-1 legislation:

  • Micro units are now permitted in the entire NRD-1 overlay area. Under Miami 21, micro units are [multi-family residential dwelling units with sanitary facilities and kitchen facilities that are between 275 and 400 square feet. Micro units are intended to address the region's affordability crisis, and may benefit from parking relaxations and other zoning incentives under Miami 21.]

  • All new buildings in the NRD-1 area must now go before the Wynwood Design Review Committee (WDRC). Prior to this amendment, only those projects larger than 200,000 square feet were required to go before the WDRC.

  • On-street parking spaces can no longer be counted towards minimum parking requirements in the NRD-1 area.

  • A 100% parking reduction is now available for buildings up to 20,000 square feet in the NRD-1 area. Previously, the 100% parking reduction was only available for buildings up to 10,000 square feet.

  • Roof extensions may now extend up to 18 feet above the maximum height, and may include amenity and commercial space. Previously, roof extensions were only permitted to 10 feet. This change recognizes the increasing activation of roof top amenity space within Wynwood.

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