Duane Morris presented a webinar, The Data Privacy and Security Landscape: Privacy Issues in AI, on Thursday, September 14, 2023.

About the Program

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, it has the potential to process vast amounts of data, including personal information about consumers and employees. While this can provide valuable tools for businesses, it also raises several privacy, ethical and human rights concerns. This webinar will cover key areas of privacy risk when using AI including:

  • Privacy risks inherent in AI training, development and licensing
  • Automated decision-making risks and compliance requirements
  • Data minimization and security risks
  • Privacy risks and regulatory requirements for employers using AI in recruiting
  • Ethical considerations in training and using AI models
  • The regulatory landscape in the United States and abroad


John Benjamin, Partner

Michelle Hon Donovan, Partner

Robert Carrillo, Special Counsel

Brooke Tabshouri, Special Counsel

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