Jason Waters (Partner-McLean, VA | Baltimore, MD | Washington, DC) authored Part 5: PFAS Litigation of the article  "Remediating, Insuring, and Litigating PFAS Claims" for the Fall 2021 issue of Journal of Emerging Issues in Litigation (Fastcase). The article concerns polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which are chemicals widely used in industrial and environmental processes and products that do not break down over time and accumulate in the body and environment. Jason speaks to "Various states [that] have obtained large settlements from PFAS manufacturing defendants in cleanup and remediation cases arising from the disposal of PFAS in water sources ... Corporate and government actors [that] have filed cases seeking remediation costs and other damages ... Individuals claiming actual or potential personal injuries from exposure to PFAS [that] have pursued novel scientific and legal approaches, achieved significant settlements, and won several jury verdicts." Jason notes that these cases are expected to increase considerably in the near future and present a growing liability and insurance risk.

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