Pioneers and Pathfinders · Isabel Parker

Isabel Parker has long been a leader in pushing boundaries and driving change in the legal profession. She started her career as an associate at Freshfields, and after a brief break, she rejoined the firm to lead legal services. Isabel eventually took on the role of chief legal innovation officer, where she was part of the leadership team driving the firm's digital transformation initiative. During that time, she spearheaded the formation of Freshfields' legal services center in Manchester, a first of its kind captive ALSP. Today, Isabel is the executive director of the Digital Legal Exchange, a nonprofit whose mission is to enable legal leaders to deliver measurable commercial value to the business and its customers. If that isn't enough, she recently authored a book, Successful Digital Transformation in Law Firms: A Question of Culture.

Listen in to today's conversation to learn more about:

  • Isabel's fascinating journey from Magic Circle associate to head of innovation.
  • How her journey informed her take on the digital transformation of law firms.
  • Her advice for how to achieve the firmwide mindset change required to drive transformation.

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