While AI's recent dominance in the news cycle may seem sudden, Crunchbase data reveals that major software developers, chipmakers, and hyperscalers have been investing heavily in artificial intelligence for years. These industry giants have strategically built patent portfolios to protect their AI innovations and gain a competitive edge, which takes years to accomplish. Alongside financial investments, these companies have established dedicated research labs, developed specialized AI hardware, and built robust AI infrastructure. Their sustained commitment and patent development have not only fueled AI innovation but also created a ripple effect, supporting AI startups and fostering collaboration and competition. As AI continues to evolve, these tech giants are expected to further invest in patents, shaping the future of technology and society while solidifying their dominance in the AI landscape.

However, while AI's dominance of the new cycle may seem recent, for tech's biggest software developers, chipmakers and hyperscalers, artificial intelligence has had their attention — and money — for years, according to Crunchbase data.

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